Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Tags Tel Aviv

Tag: Tel Aviv

Another Israeli App And Idea Making The World Better

Turning the Israeli “monit sherut” on demand bus system into a world wide hit.

WATCH: Learn To Recognise A Drowning Child

My father in law, in conjunction with an off duty life guard, saved a drowning child yesterday. It’s not difficult.

MUST WATCH: Real Zionist Shark Makes Aliyah

A close encounter with a decidedly scary looking fish.

Is There A Terrorist Loose In My Neighbourhood?

The simple website that lets you know!

Like A Mass Shooting Of 80 In America

Downplaying attacks on us is just the world’s usual method to exaggerate the inflated ire when we defend ourselves.

Spotted In A Tel Aviv Supermarket

Something smells off..

Snapchat #TelAvivLive Channel Opens And The Crowd Goes Wild

Because you can guarantee that the hate Israel crowd won’t like pretty pictures of Tel Aviv.

Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues and Terror in Tel Aviv

There's an important new graphic novel coming out next week

Danger! Danger! Don’t Go There!

The Maryland State Police advised the Israeli Embassy ….

Tel Aviv’s Got Talent!

A Sunday morning pick-me-up

WATCH: Tel Aviv Is Looking Good

Because sometimes you just have to post a beautiful video of beautiful people in a beautiful place. #Israel #TelAviv
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