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Photo of the Day: Tel Aviv Apartheid Edition

Seen today at the Tel Aviv marathon

Pro-Israel Poster: The Arab War On Israel Explained

Back in 1948, the leaders of the Arab forces were very clear what their objectives were... and what they weren't

Tel Aviv Loves Beirut, Much To Their Chagrin

When Israelis get hate, they send back love.

Tel Aviv’s Imperial Craft Makes List of World’s Top 50 Bars

Israel has made yet another "top list"

Palestinian Attempts Murder In “Occupied” Tel Aviv

This afternoon, an 18-year-old palestinian went stab happy in Tel Aviv

Know Your History: Jewish Revival Of ‘Palestine’ (National Geographic, Dec 1938)

More valuable insights from old news articles

WATCH: Experiment – Stick An Arab In Tel Aviv & A Jew In East...

Will you believe what happens next?

Queen Rocks Israel

The legends and new lead singer wow Tel Aviv

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