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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Palestinian Attempts Murder In “Occupied” Tel Aviv

This afternoon, an 18-year-old palestinian went stab happy in Tel Aviv

Know Your History: Jewish Revival Of ‘Palestine’ (National Geographic, Dec 1938)

More valuable insights from old news articles

WATCH: Experiment – Stick An Arab In Tel Aviv & A Jew In East...

Will you believe what happens next?

Queen Rocks Israel

The legends and new lead singer wow Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, The City Of Joystick

Fun and games

Scenes From Tel Aviv’s Dog Day Afternoon

Lots of dogwashing

Indigenous Whisky Live In Tel Aviv

Indigenous Jewish Whisky competes with the best in the world in Tel Aviv.

Spot The Odd One Out: Hamas Edition

What links these four people together?

Four People Died While Eating Cheesecake And Sipping Coffee

But for the families and friends of four people, life will stop for a moment

A Suggestion For The Media, Chris Gunness And UNRWA

Shouldn’t the press be visiting some UNRWA schools today to see how they’re talking about yesterday’s terrorist attacks?

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