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Useful Idiots In Jerusalem

Something very important overlooked with this "beautiful moment"

Jordan to Israel: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Their chutzpah knows no bounds
Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

Reader Post: Topsy Turvy Narrative

Recent events in Israel and their repercussions in London, have prompted reader Gavin to put pen to paper

Today, I Woke Up Embarrassed To Be Israeli (Updated)

I've never been more embarrassed in my life

Remember That Time Jordan Tried To Install Security Cameras On Temple Mount?

One thing that has almost been forgotten with all the noise surrounding this issue

What Waqf, Palestinian & Muslim Reactions To Temple Mount Events Teach Us

So let's try to wrap our heads around this

He Knew Me as Michelle

Orit's eulogy for one of the victims of the Temple Mount attack

How Strongly Do You Feel About Your Right to Pray?

When you allow guns and rockets and fireworks and axes and knives to be stored in your mosques - yeah, metal detectors.

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