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Thursday, September 1, 2016
Tags Terrorism

Tag: Terrorism

Ali Abunimah’s Timeline Of Terror Support

The Electronic Intifada founder is a huge fan of terrorism against Israel

Electronic Intifada Performs Mental Gymnastics To Paint Terrorist As Innocent Victim

Terror mag Electronic Intifada tries to poke holes in IDF version. They fail miserably

Know Your History: The 1929 Hebron Massacre

More insight into that fateful day 87 years ago

Guest Post: Hebron 1929 – My Grandfather Never Forgot

Eliyahu Yissachar zt”l, my Zeida never forgot you

A National Violation

Our vacations have been interrupted

Reader Post: Missing Out On a “Goldin” Opportunity

Non-negotiable. No discussions with them until we have OUR soldiers’ bodies back

Jailhouse Crock

Zahava is also in Facebook jail

So, I Hear My Israeliness Bothers You

We are here, in our land of Israel, and we’re not going anywhere.

Palestinian Loses Job…For Crime Of Saving Jewish Lives

And a prominent "settler" tries to help him

World Vision Still In Denial Over Funds Funnelling

Plus some future World Vision campaign poster suggestions

World Vision Show They Mean Business – Against Israellycool

In contrast to their response to the serious allegations against their own employee
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