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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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UK-Based Israel Haters Out Themselves As Terror-Supporters Aiming To Destroy Israel

Not only do they support terrorism and the eradication of Israel, but they want to be part of it

A Tale Of Two Terrorists

An instructive comparison

The Backstory Behind Jewish Target Of Latest Bomb Threat In US

An allusion to a much more serious threat facing the Jewish community and world at large

Linda Sarsour’s Takeaway From 9/11…And Other Disturbing Facts

My previous post on Sarsour was just the tip of the iceberg
Israeli cartoon contest sponsored by Jerusalem Press Club and Holon cartoon on display Angel of Death

The Biggest Lie

"No injuries"

Times Of Israel Depraved Sympathy Building For Jerusalem Truck Terrorist

It would seem the Times of Israel’s readers still have a working moral compass even if the editor doesn’t.

BBC Turning Jerusalem Terrorist Murderer’s Family Into The Victims

More lethal journalism from the Beeb

Banning Guns Won’t Save Lives

Please America, stop fighting guns and start fighting criminals and terrorists

Checkmate For Terror Bishop

Good riddance to bad rubbish

WATCH: Orit’s Reflections On Berlin Terrorism

Orit shares her thoughts at the site of the Berlin attack at the Christmas market
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