Friday, May 27, 2016
Tags Terrorism

Tag: Terrorism

Fowl Play: Israel Haters Cover Up Deceased’s Bad Bee-Havior

More patent lying and dishonesty by the Israel haters

Reader Post: How To Respond To The Terror-Supporting Trolls

A meme to swat the trolls away

Deceptive Israeli Media Driving Diaspora Jews And Israelis Apart

The #RelentlessJihad continues and The Times of Israel is trying to downplay it.

WATCH: Will University Students Donate Money To Hamas To Blow Up Civilians?

This would almost be humorous if it wasn't so damn depressing and depraved.

Besides “Nakba Day”, Another Association Between Palestinians And May 15th

We did not seen many hashtags about this yesterday

Israel-Hating Students AT SDSU Play Victim

Who are the real victims?

Building Up The Nakba Myth Condemns Arabs To Perpetual Victimhood

It’s a long, lonely, terrifying, yet exhilarating walk, out of the forest of hate.

Palestinian And Israeli Children Dress-Up – Not The Same Thing

Luke Baker's latest moral equivalence

Where’s The Blood ISIS?

How do they keep their shoes so white?

WATCH: Gazan Children’s Play Glorifying Terror Attacks

My Arabic is rusty (read: non-existent) but I think this is pretty self-evident

Humanitarian Aid For An Impoverished People

What amazing things the Palestinians could have done with $100,000

Bonfire Of The Damned

Who said this isn't a religious war?
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