Sunday, May 1, 2016
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Reader Post: Undercover Douche – Richard Silverstein Strikes Again

Where a reader rips the latest DouchebloggerTM sloppiness

Kenya Unapologetic About Friendship With Israel

Nice sound byte from the Kenyan Foreign Minister. Nice, but screwed up.

September 11: Twelve Years On

Never forget. Never surrender.

Just a “Projectile” From Gaza Landing In Israel

Harmless fun from those crazy Gazan kids

Latest Pallywood Star: Tan Jacket Man

From the people who brought you Shirley Temper and Zombie Stretcher Guy comes the latest star

The Day In Israel: Thursday Mar 18th, 2010

In his first interview with Fox News, US President Barack Obama has denied there is a crisis in US-Israel relations. [youtube] Updates (Israel time; most...
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