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How The Palestinians Lie: The Case of Mohammad Abu Amr

Meet Mohammad Abu Amr, one of those killed in the recent "March of Return" riots.

Shirley Temper Gushing With Pride Over Terrorist Relative

Not that it bothers those faciliating her propaganda

Facebook Is For Terrorists

While Facebook has banned Zahava and myself, lets take a look at who continues to operate freely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site.
al faqih

Murderous Hamashole 0 IDF 1

Rabbi Miki Mark's murderer is now pushing up daisies

Hamas Slips Up With Admission

They've admitted a 17-year-old shot in head was one of their terrorists

Where’s The Blood ISIS?

How do they keep their shoes so white?

WATCH: Waiting And Ready For Terrorists

Terrorists. Meet Danny. Danny's ready for you.

Why Peace Is Unreachable – In Photos

Mind-boggling evil

Hey Hey We’re Jihadis

Crazy (murderous) kids!

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