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Ha’aretz Goes Full Onion

It looks like Ha'aretz has started being The Onion, with this piece from Chief palestinian propagandist Saeb Erekat.

The Onion Goes Full Blood Libel

The Onion has published an article that is neither funny nor smart. Just dumb, nasty and damaging

People Get What Hamas Is Doing

You don’t have to explain the joke if everyone knows what’s going on.

Thursday Morning Funny

The Onion does it again. Or does it?

Farsical Apology

Iran's Fars News Agency have apologized for posting an Onion satirical news story as fact. Well, kind of.

Iran’s Fars News Falls For Onion Story

And still on the subject of the Iranians, this story is too good not to share

Friday Morning Funny

Meet Seth Nussbaum, left-out Jew

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