Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Tag: Times of Israel

Deceptive Israeli Media Driving Diaspora Jews And Israelis Apart

The #RelentlessJihad continues and The Times of Israel is trying to downplay it.

When Satire Meets A Fanatical Devotion To Jew Hatred

The problem comes when weeks or months after Purim, these pieces get “discovered” by the Jew haters.

Debating Ideas Is Good

Israel is not a settler colonial state like the one Sarah mentions.

The Tall Tale Of The Teacher’s Tame Terrorist

In which Brian goes on a bit of a rant about just how bad modern journalism is.

The Times Of Israel Tries To Emulate The BBC

Media bias in our own backyard

Plagiarism Most Horrid

You thought we would take it lying down?

Pic Fail Of The Day

Today's bad blooper

Live In Peace With Your Pope

It was probably ONLY because of the blogosphere and one sharp eyed observer who tipped a few of us of, that the misquoting of the Pope was corrected.

Times Of Israel Misleads With Inaccurate Headline

It really should not be too much to ask that TOI write accurate headlines, that don't provide fodder for those who spread baseless lies about Israel

The Pope, A Journalist And A Terrorist Walk Into A Bar With An Interpreter...

The current Pope is not fluent in Arabic and Abu Mazen, unless he learned it while organising the attack on the Italian ship Achille Lauro, doesn't speak Italian.

Ali Abunimah Attacks Sarah Tuttle Singer Of The Times Of Israel

The words this man will twist to make his (immoral) point
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