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Paul Joseph Watson: Time To Rethink #FakeNews On Israel?

I’m not blaming anyone outside Israel for getting the wrong impression about Israel: the #FakeNews has gone on for decades!

Tommy Robinson Attacked By Pro-Palestinian Celtic FC Hooligans

Tommy’s unrelentingly pro-Israel stance is a big part of why Celtic fans hate him and came to attack him.

Meanwhile Relentless Jihad Continues In Israel

Two unreported terror attacks and how I almost got shot by Hamas.

WATCH: My First Look Inside An UNRWA Refugee Camp

Tommy Robinson and Brian find out first hand what life is really like in an UNRWA Refugee camp.

Cambridge Police Commissioner And Tommy Robinson’s Solicitor Swap Statements

“This is believed to be a blatant misuse of a dispersal order against a football fan who did nothing more than go on a family day out”

Tommy Robinson Thrown Out Of Cambridge And Why You Should Worry (Updated)

Europe’s struggle with belligerent parts of their Muslim populations is exactly the same as Israel’s

Brian With Mottle Wolf And More Tommy Robinson

Want to see the kind of person who wasn’t welcome at the PEGIDA silent march in Birmingham?

MUST WATCH: Mohammad And Israel Cut From Tommy Robinson Interview On Al Jazeera (UPDATED)

Al Jazeera utterly fails at trying to trick Tommy Robinson with the Hebrew bible and has to cut his answer!

Be Careful What You Wish For Hsiao-Hung Pai

I’ve tried to ensure that in my new YouTube video it’s hard to identify Hsiao-Hung Pai as the uninformed journalist.

I’m Not A White Man But Hsiao-Hung Pai Is Angry About My Video (Updated)

In defence of a secretly filmed video which is newsworthy and in the public interest.

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