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Saturday, August 27, 2016
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WATCH: Today’s Interesting Argument In Support Of Israel

I am not qualified to agree or disagree with him, but the video is kind of surreal, wouldn't you say?

Reader Post: The Sunni/Shi’a Fata Morgana

We are seeing a Muslim clash that's been going on since the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD

WATCH: Turkish Street Theater Breeding Hatred Of Israel

Want to know how easy it is to indoctrinate people in Turkey to hate Israel?

Happy Thanksgiving

In commemoration of this fine holiday, I thought I would post something for what we can be thankful AND Turkey related

Anti-Zionism Is Jew Hatred: The Turkey Reason

Would Scotland send its army to rescue Jews or would Scotland let their blood flow in the streets and issue a condemnation?

Mavi Marmara “Peace Activist” Killed After Joining ISIS In Syria

Not shocking news of the day

The Jerk From Turkey Has Beef With Protester

Terdogan has been caught on video slapping a protester and screaming an anti-Israel slur
TOI Writers Left Hanging

TOI Writers Left Hanging

No need to ask how it's hangin' at the Times of Israel.
image Armenian genocide, photo Armenian Holocaust remembered.

Photo of the Day: Armenian Genocide Remembered

Some photos you forget, but some just stay in your memory.

Recep Erdogan: Pitch Imperfect

Remember when Turkish Prime Minister Recep got kicked in the the groin by a horse? Years later, it seems like he never recovered
knife man

IHH Offices Raided Due To Alleged Al Qaeda Connection

I'm sure you'll all be shocked by the latest developments
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