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George Galloway Breaks Twitter Rules

George Galloway's Twitter rhetoric is all fun and games until it puts our lives in danger. #BanGeorgeGalloway

Time To Take The Ayatollah Off Twitter #BanTheAyatollah

Of all the despicable, evil things the Supreme Leader has done, violating Twitter's terms of use is one of them.

Twitter Responds To News That Iran Will Inspect Its Own Nuclear Sites (Updated)

Deebo asks, "if Iran can investigate their own nuke sites, do they have to give themselves 24 days' notice?"

Iran Deal Worse Than Repainting The White House

#IranDealWorseThan just about anything you can think of

Snapchat #TelAvivLive Channel Opens And The Crowd Goes Wild

Because you can guarantee that the hate Israel crowd won’t like pretty pictures of Tel Aviv.

Top 12 Most Surreal Responses To @Israel’s Tweets

There is a Twitter account that shares nothing but positive stories about Israel. Which is just unacceptable to some people.

#AskHamas Doomed To Backfire

This should be good

An Inspector Calls

More trouble for Galloway’s favourite law firm and the woman who's trying to kick him out of parliament.

Jim Clancy Still Seeing Hasbarists Under His Bed

He's baaa-aaack - on Twitter at least - and still finding it hard to keep his Israel hate to himself

Ding Dong The Jim Is Gone

And of course we’re all wondering where Jim Clancy will end up next, Al Jazeera, BBC and RT are all possibilities.

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