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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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WATCH: Brian Tells i24News The People Will Get Their Way

In which I steer the conversation a little bit further from Brexit than most were expecting.

WATCH: London’s Annual Hate The Jews March

End this hate or the UK is finished.

Guest Post (Daily Freier): “I Can’t Believe Corbyn Would Say That” Said Nobody

Reaction was mixed after yesterday's Conference on Anti-Semitism where Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS

WATCH: Brian Talks Brexit Again

Various different Brexit media appearances.

UK Increasing Budget For EUBAM Monitors Who Left Gaza Border In 2007

This crack team of eurocrats has been on perpetual standby for almost a decade!

WATCH: The Mahmoud Abbas EU Water Libel Lies

Video version of the Mahmoud Abbas self created water libel lie at the EU.

Spot The Odd One Out: Hamas Edition

What links these four people together?

Reader Post: British Jews Spin Wheels While The Media Spins Against Us

“a silent sniper such as Leanne Mohamad becomes a weapon so lethal because it is incomprehensible a child could be so dangerous”

The Failing Independent Takes A Shot At Israellycool And Me

My goal is not to convert Israel haters to Israel lovers. I’m pointing out just how hopelessly far gone to Israel hatred the UK is.

Wes Streeting MP Can’t See A Problem

The only “peace” that can happen in 24 hours is the “Peace of Islam” if Jews lie down and submit to Muslim law and Dhimmitude.

WATCH: Proleptic Dhimmitude, Palestinianisation And A Bottle Of Beer

"There's a new strain of the old lethal virus, Morphed like wildfire all around us, Jew-hatred mutated to anti-Zionist"

Facebook’s Easily Fooled Blocking System #FweeBwian

#FweeBwian Facebook has locked Brian of London in jail! Fwee Bwian!
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