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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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WATCH: “Jews Were Murdered In Hitler’s Gas Chambers Because Were ‘Cowards'”

Seen at the protests against Mark Regev's appearance at SOAS

Liberal Democrat Candidate Ashuk Ahmed Reveals Himself To Be Vile Antisemite

The Liberal Democrats sure know how to pick 'em.

UK Government Flips Bird At Anti Balfour Declaration Petitioners

The UK Government response to the haters

The Constipated Looks Of Corbyn

I've noticed Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn regularly looks constipated

WATCH: Ken Livingstone Repeating Claim Hitler Supporter Zionism

If only he'd choke on the foot he is determined to keep sticking in his mouth

Antisemitic Abuse At Richard Falk Event

Falk's antisemitic credentials have certainly been strengthened, after the shenanigans at his recent lecture

Daily Mail Covers UK Funding Of Terrorist Incitement In Schools

Shining a spotlight on the revolting incitement in Palestinian society paid for by foreign aid.

Palestinian Support In UK Riddled With Jew Hatred

If there is a pro-Palestine movement not riddled with Jew hatred, this isn’t it.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Offensive Video

This offends me as a Jew
goldsmiths antisemitism

The Sands of Antisemitism Are Shifting in the UK

New contributor David Collier feels the sands shifting

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