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WATCH: Nikki Haley: “I Believe The Capital [Of Israel] Should Be Jerusalem & The...

Nikki Haley has weighed in on what she thinks should happen with the US embassy move to Jerusalem.

US Air Force Purchases Mystery “Drone-Killing” Tech From Israeli Company

Israel helping in the fight against ISIS

MUST WATCH: Straight-Talking Marco Rubio Rips PA and J Street

The way he rips J Street and the PA is particularly delightful

My Key Takeaways From The Trump-Netanyahu Press Conference

My thoughts following the press conference

Why I Am A Happy Donald Trump Supporter

You can learn from listening to Trump supporters.

Reader Post: Torah And Trump

Finding inspiration and insight from Torah to guide us in such challenging times.

Obama To Israel: Goodbye, Farewell, Amen…And FU

Barack Obama's final FU to Israel.

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