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Barack Attack

obama netanyahu

You needn't be a body language expert to realize US President Barack Obama does not like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Apparently, it is enough that you be within earshot.

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Protester of the Day

Iranian protester

Surely it should be obvious to you all that the Iranian regime is demonizing Israel and the US to deflect attention from the sad state of their country’s dental care.

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Quote of the Day

“To be honest, there’s nothing I want to talk about less than politics. I’d rather vomit and lick it up. I like Obama, but he’s not gonna win. Trust me, I know my people.” – Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders

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A Middle East Metaphor in Brooklyn

This story may be from last week, but I’ll post it anyway because: 1. It shows while US Muslims claim they are being victimized and are the victims of hate crimes, members of their community are victimizing and perpetrating hate ...

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Obama’s Palestinian Fan

There is much talk about Democratic candidate Barak Obama, and here in Israel, the focus is naturally on “Will he be good for Israel?” I have certainly not dealt with this issue on this blog (mainly due to time constraints), ...

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Israeli Journalist Says McCain is Lying

Ha’aretz journalist Amir Oren has challenged likely Republican nominee for US President , Senator John McCain, to a lie detector test over the latter’s denial that he said Israel should return to 1967 armistice lines. This week, Senator John McCain ...

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