Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Chickensh*t-Gate: No Apology For You!

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki confirms the US administration will not apologize for chickenshit-gate.

Observations From Today’s Netanyahu And Obama Press Conference

Some observations from today's meeting of the two leaders

Reader Post: Why EU Is Worthless And Why US Should Be Concerned

Has anyone ever believed an Arab country in regards to recognition of Israel?

Cruz Control

Ted Cruz goes in to bat for our kidnapped boys

Reader Post: US Duplicity Has Undermined the Peace Process

Reader Mira sees problems with the US administration's behavior with respect to its supposed ally Israel
jerusalem logo

Reader Post: Israeli Government to Change Name of Jerusalem to…

Reader Gidon reports on the new name options for Jerusalem

US Nuclear Launch Code Was As Easy As Pie

Actually, pi would have been a heck of a lot better than this

Connecticut Massacre

No words

Dub Ya

No political commentary from me on the US election results. Just wanting to bring some cheer to my US friends - whether Republican or Democrat - who are in for a hell of another 4 years

Luke Skywalker Joins The Dark Side

Either that, or Hamill is becoming the Joker

PA President’s Message For US Independence Day

Following on from Bibi's message, here is the official PA message for the American people on Independence Day

Mitt’s Middle East Formula

US Presidental hopeful Mitt Romney has an ostensibly simple policy when it comes to Israel. Do the opposite of Obama
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