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Reader Post: Antisemitism in Atlanta – And the Apathy of a Local Jewish Media...

Reader Levi shines a light on an antisemite - and the apathy of the local Jewish newspaper

WATCH: How Israel Overcame Drought

Israel's ability to overcome drought has made its way in to a video by Attn, which has over 3 million Page Likes

WATCH: US Firefighters In Israel

G-d bless these men.

I’ll Admit it – I Screwed Up

Lex tries to process what happened on Tuesday in the wake of the millenialpocalypse.

Pure Hypocrisy

The Left claims to be about inclusiveness, freedom and open-mindedness.

Reactions To Trump Election Way More Disturbing Than Anything Else

iIf you are more disturbed by the results than some of the reactions to it, you might be part of the problem

President Trump? A Note Of Optimism From Someone Who Did Not Vote For Him

Although I’m concerned about the future, I don’t really think it will be the doom and gloom that my liberal friends are forecasting

IDF Spotted Dining With US Army – In Williamsburg

Clearly, the level of cooperation between the IDF and US army is fantastic

Know Your History: Ronald Reagan’s US Policy for Peace in the Middle East, 1982

I look back at a previous US President I rate as one of the best - Ronald Reagan

A Black Mark On The White House

The White House figuratively spits on the grave of Shimon Peres

Peace Now Receive Nasty Yet Tasty Surprise

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk
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