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Israel Hater Argues South Africa Should Boycott Israel and Just ‘Take’ Our Water Secrets

Self-proclaimed "multimedia journalist" Rumana Akoob has written one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a while

WATCH: How Israel Overcame Drought

Israel's ability to overcome drought has made its way in to a video by Attn, which has over 3 million Page Likes

You’ve Seen LA’s Balls Now Marvel At Israeli Balls

Once again Israel is a ballsy leader in another innovative technology area.

China Hearts Israel Water Tech

One billion Chinese thirsty for Israeli tech means one colossal BDS fail.

Israellycool Get Results From CNN, But They Still Fail

Now they just publish pure PLO history revisionism

48 Ways To Whitewash Fatah Terrorism

And how fact-checking was killed by intellectual terrorism

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