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WATCH: Saved by the Wall

This post is mostly dedicated to those who remember Mario Lopez as A.C Slater in a certain 90s sitcom that was popular until it came to a screeching halt.

The New York Times Has Truly Hit a Wall

There was a time the New York Times would never have dreamed of writing something like this

Know Your History: Restriction on Access to Jerusalem Holy Site & Subsequent Strike (NY...

Some more historical context you need to know about

NBC News Off To A Great Start: Wrong Wall Edition

Oh dear NBC, not every old looking wall in Jerusalem is the Western Wall.
Men pray at Western Wall before Rosh Hashannah

New York Times: Western Wall Became A Holy Site To Jews Only After 1967

Historical revisionism by the New York Times

Who Can Trust The News Anymore?

I'm having serious trust issues with the mainstream media

The Paratroopers At The Wall

The men behind the iconic photo

Here’s A Bit Of Culture For UNESCO

Where I throw a bit of culture back in their faces

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