What Others Say About Aussie Dave And Israellycool

“Well done and special thanks. Keep doing great job!” – Danny Ayalon, former Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister and Israeli Ambassador to US

“thank u 4 ur consciousness commitment & character.” Roseanne Barr

“Keep putting the truth out there!!!!!” – Jenna Jameson

“YOU ARE SOMETHING ELSE BROTHER” – David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed

“The Israeli-Aussie version of Jon Stewart!” – Sabre Fencer

“The awesome website Isreallycool, which if you don’t follow make sure you do” – Kasim Hafeez

“You do have a very unique sense of humor and are certainly not the norm, regular mortals should not try to copy you” – Real Jerusalem Streets

“I could listen to him alllll day!” – Celestial Blue

“He single-handedly does the best job of knocking down Israel haters online that I’ve ever seen” – Israelplug

“Funniest blog I’ve ever read!” – 장누가/Jang Nu-ga

“..a decade of entertaining, informing, explaining, and kicking ass all over cyberspace, righteously” – Tzvi Zucker

“The father of Israeli blogging” – Carl in Jerusalem

“..expertly analyzes international media reactions to the news in Israel” – Maya Norton, Global Voices

“Snarky humor, funny photo comparisons, and frustrations with the geopolitical neighborhood all clash for a lovely symphony of madness.” – Laurence Simon

“..wise and passionate..” – Political Vindication Radio

“He can turn a very serious and possibly depressing piece of news and make it entertainment. That is talent, and that is why I love to read his blog.” – Culture For All

“This guy is so funny but that’s only because everything he says is the TRUTH” – Chava Ayanna

“Your blog and work along with are doing more to expose antisemitism than any org I know” – Ambrosin Shitrit

“..magnificent Aussie bastard” – Zionist Shark

“I really enjoy the blog and contributors~often gives me laugh and some serious insight at the same time” – Greentamarind

“Israellycool is one of a few excellent blogs digging into stories, giving context to the news as reported and shining a light on slanted and biased journalistic agendas” –Michael Dickson, StandWithUs

“Darnit, Aussie Dave, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore” – Brett Greenberg

“You’re definitely right-wing to me, but lovable nonetheless” – Jim from Iowa

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