Botoxic “Journalist” Sameera Khan Happy Gal Gadot Reportedly Abused on Set by Joss Whedon

Sameera Khan is a Pakistani social media influencer who won the Miss New Jersey USA title in 2015 after she became a naturalized US citizen…

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Muslim Duke Professor To His Fellow US Muslims: We Have an Antisemitism Problem

Unlike some other so-called interfaith leaders who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, Abdullah T. Antepli is the real deal.

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Sealed With a Knish

A university president has lost his job after an affair with subordinate in which he tried to tempt her to visit with the promise of a Knish…

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Israel-Hating Actress Miriam Margolyes’ Bigotry Shines Through

Following the backlash against actress Emma Watson, Miriam Margolyes has spoken out. And by spoken out, I mean utterly disgraced herself….

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PA Blames Hamas for Gaza Flooding

The last few days has seen some severe flooding in parts of Israel and the palestinian-controlled areas, as strong storms have hit the area….

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Gazans Admitting They Are Not Indigenous

In Al-Monitor, Hadeel Al Gherbawi writes how many palestinians Arab are leaving for greener pastures in Turkey

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Report on Palestinian Response to “Fauda” Contains Some Inconvenient Gazan Home Truths

The AFP reports on the last palestinian Arab appropriation of Israeli culture: a Hamas response to hit Israeli show Fauda

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Israel-Hater Bella Hadid Needs to Make This “Pro-Palestine” Fashion Statement in Gaza

Bella Hadid was spotted out on the town wearing a necklace that showed her support of the Palestinian people

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Former Michigan State Legislator Shanelle Jackson To Challenge “Antisemitic” Rashida Tlaib

Shanelle Jackson intends to challenge Rep. Rashida Tlaib in the Democratic House primary for the newly drawn 12th Congressional District….

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CAIR and Linda Sarsour’s Phony Solidarity Over Congregation Beth Israel Hostage Situation

Last night Israel time, a Muslim man entered Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Texas and took four people hostage, including the Rabbi…

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Antisemitic Thug Ken O’Keefe Emerges From The Shadows To Remind Us What An Antisemitic Thug He Is

The last time we saw antisemitic thug “KOK” Ken O’Keefe in October of last year, he was a shell of his former KOK.

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BDS Founder Omar Barghouti’s Use of Antisemitic Dog Whistles

Yesterday’s clip of BDS founder Omar Barghouti wasn’t the only indication of his antisemitism from the interview.

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