Wait…UNRWA Said What?

UNRWA have tweeted this, without the slightest hint of irony

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

If this TRT World video posted by Quds News Network is to be believed, Gaza has no more grocery shops, pharmacies, offices, walls or buildings.

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Rips Jew Hater Mahathir Mohamad

Australia's treasurer and proud Jew Josh Frydenberg has ripped Malaysian leader Mahathir "Mahitler" Mohammad for being a vile antisemite, in the wake of the latter's threats against Australia if the embassy is moved to Jerusalem

WATCH: Great Explanation of How Anti-Zionism is Latest Incarnation of Antisemitism

American-Israeli author and journalist Yossi Klein Halevi responds to a student questioning why it is ok to "humanize" Zionists

Gaza’s Self-Proclaimed “Modern Anne Frank” Messes Up & Admits IDF Tries to Avoid Civilian...

Because even an accomplished liar like herself slips up from time-to-time

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