WATCH: “Kill All the Jews! Not 100% of Them, But 90% of Them!”

This would almost be funny if his message wasn't so disturbing. 

Mark Hamill’s Hebrew Tribute

A move that made scores of Jews and Israelis happy

Hatari Claims They Were Just Following Orders When Waving Palestine Scarves

The saga of Hatari and their anti-Israel protest has taken a bit of a turn.

WATCH: Some More Crazy Examples of Al Jazeera Antisemitism

In my previous post on Al Jizz, I mentioned a number of examples of their antisemitism. It turns out, there are plenty more crazy examples from their employees.

Geeks Are Sexy Removes Antisemitic Comic Strip Following My Post

Perhaps geeks are sexy after all.

Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari Reportedly Pissed They Got Lousy Seats on El Al

There are reports that Israel-hating freaks-on-a-leash Hatari are considering filing a formal complaint with Israel’s El Al airline

Further Indication ‘Vomit & Assault Man’ Is Not Jewish

I have been saying from day one: I smell a rat. But now there is a further indication that the man in the viral video vomiting over and assaulting a Black woman at a Belgium bar was not Jewish.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Tweeted What?

Ilhan Omar really needs to quit Twitter

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party Showcases Its Sense of Humor

Yup, they really said this


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