Canadian Parliamentary Candidate Sidney Coles Resigns Following Exposure of Her Antisemitic Tweets

Not long after my post, I noticed Cole’s Twitter account had been deactivated (not necessarily because of my post). She has since resigned….

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Wired Runs Disingenuous “23andMe Excludes Palestine” Piece

Wired has run a highly misleading piece titled Mohammed is Palestinian. Why does 23andMe think he’s Egyptian?

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Norm Macdonald Making Fun of Hitler

In honor of legendary comedian Norm Macdonald, who died yesterday after a private nine-year battle with cancer

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Darwin Award Candidate of the Day

A palestinian Arab accidentally sets himself on fire while throwing a molotov cocktail toward the Jewish “settlement” of Migdal Oz…

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Canadian Parliamentary Candidate Sidney Coles: I Shouldn’t Have Made Sh*t Up About Israeli Jews

Sidney Coles apologizes after her tweets claiming Israel was stealing coronavirus vaccines from the US were exposed

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A Quick and Dirty Guide for Writing an Anti-Israel Hit Piece

In order to prevent further confusion in the anti-Israel community, reader Bob presents here a basic guide to the Unending Sins of Israel …

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Say Cheese! Israel’s Tnuva to Help Emirates Food Industries With Dairy Products

Emirates Food Industries (EFI) has enlisted the help of Israel’s largest food maker, Tnuva, to expand its range of dairy products…

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Britain’s Iconic Food Fish and Chips Invented By You-Know-Jew

In a Yorkshire Live piece entitled 7 great inventions and cool things Jewish people have given to Yorkshire, comes this surprising tidbit…

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Anti-Israel Propagandists’ Hilarious Attempt to “Fact-Check” Israeli Narrative on Terrorist Recapture

As I posted a few days ago, the recapture of 4 of the 6 terrorists who escaped from Gilboa prison was a huge humiliation

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Anti-Israel Propaganda Embraces the Spoon

Why a spoon? It is based on the claim that the terrorists who escaped from Gilboa prison used a spoon to tunnel out

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Hamas Dumbass of the Day

User AlexKmZ on Reddit was contacted on Facebook by an attractive looking Israeli woman. Except there was one slight problem

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Ridiculous Anti-Israel Propaganda: ZZ on Top Edition

Here is a photo of notorious terror commander Zakaria Zubeidi, one of the terrorists recaptured after initially escaping from Gilboa prison…

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