‘Peak Palestinian’ Reaction to Bahrain “Peace to Prosperity” Workshop

This reaction to the Bahrain "Peace to Prosperity" workshop to discuss Trump's "Deal of the Century" is peak palestinian

Latest Libel: Gazans Not Beehiving Like They Used To

MEMO has released a video bee-moaning the threat to beekeeping in Gaza. No prizes for guessing who is to blame.

WATCH: Weird Ways Israel Won its War of Independence

This video is a bit of a hidden gem that just came to my attention - a fun reminder of the modern-day miracles that have led to the state of Israel and our continued survival. 

Actress Rosanna Arquette Attacks Jews Who Do Not Agree With Her

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette has decided to use her Jewishness to advance her political agenda.

“Veganwashing” And The Latest Manifestation of Antisemitism

The haters are now accusing us of "veganwashing". What should this tell us?

Sen. Cory Booker’s Mind-blowing Refusal to Shun Louis Farrakhan

Sen. Cory Booker is back in the news for all the wrong reasons

Palestinian Propaganda Fail of the Day

Anti-Israel propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network really did not think this through

When Art Galleries Legitimize Terrorism

“All art is propaganda. It is universally and inescapably propaganda; sometimes unconsciously, but often deliberately, propaganda.” ― Upton Sinclair


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