Lebanese Man Thanks Israel For Support: “We Hate Hizbullah More Than You Do!”

While the Israel-haters, antisemites and Waleed Aly's guest would like you to believe that most, if not all, Lebanese either blame Israel for the attack or somehow hate us, a Reddit user from Lebanon has let us know this is not the case

Australian TV Presenter Waleed Aly Provides Platform For Guy Blaming Lebanon Explosion on Israel

Australian TV presenter Waleed Aly has given airtime on his show The Project to a Beirut-based photographer who blamed Israel for the Beirut explosion - without challenging him

Richard Silverstein Falsely Claims Israel Bombed Beirut

In the wake of the tragic explosion in Beirut yesterday, it was inevitable that some antisemites and Israel-haters would blame it on Israel

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love’s Latest Claims Against Me

Remember how a few days ago Jew-hater Ariyana Love claimed this website was backed by "grade 4 military protection" (whatever that is)?

Israel-Hater Stavit Sinai Convicted of Assault in German Court

A Berlin court convicted on Monday a BDS activist for assaulting people during a presentation by an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust at the Humboldt University in the capital.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Ed Ponte (Former Minor League Baseballer)

A former minor league baseballer joins the antisemite ranks

Mohamed Hadid’s COVID Face Mask is a Sight to Behold

Celebrity real estate developer Mohamed Hadid , who has been known to get his antisemitism on, shared this photograph of himself with his palestinian COVID face mask on

It’s Official: Israel-Hater Ariel Gold’s Brain Cells Are Gone With The Wind

Ariel Gold cannot possibly be a real person, can she?

Help! My Son The Jewish Comedian is Drowning in Shtick

A follow-up letter to Seth Rogen from reader A Yid in Dixieland


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