Ghoulish Israel-Haters Rejoice in Miss France Testing Positive for Covid-19

With news that Miss France has tested positive for COVID-19, the haters’ ghoulish behavior continues to reign supreme

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Roger Waters “Deeply Moved” By Song Glorifying Arch Terrorist Yasser Arafat

Antisemite Roger Waters shows his love for a song glorifying Yasser Arafat, who he refers to as “our brother”

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BDS Fail: Men’s World Team Squash Championships Canceled After Malaysia Bans Israel From Competing

The Men’s World Team Squash Championship was canceled on Monday, after the host country Malaysia would not permit the Israeli team to play….

Read more I Always Love Coming [to Israel]; it is ‘Mishpacha’ (Family) and Magical to Me

Black Eyed Peas singer and tech entrepreneur was today interviewed at the IMPROVATE International Innovation Forum

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Newsweek Invents New Israeli Crime

What were Newsweek thinking when they came up with this absolutely doozy of a headline to describe Israel’s new travel ban?

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Jewish Voice for Peace’s Latest Hanukkah Mockery

Those JVP as-a-Jews are at it again, and by “it” I mean co-opting Jewish practice in order to make a complete mockery of it and bash Israel….

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Greece’s Miss Universe Org. is Now Trolling The Israel-Haters

Star GS Hellas has posted images of real Miss Greece Sofia Arapogianni in Israel. But it get even better. A whole lot better.

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Haters’ Desperation Shines Through As Miss South Africa Shines…in Israel

The haters’ desperation has been most manifest when it comes to Miss South Africa, who defied the bullying

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A Reminder as to Lebanese “Apartheid”

My London has a report about the daughter of a “palestinian refugee” who was stopped from becoming a doctor in Lebanon

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Greece’s Miss Universe Org. Publicly Denounces “Misinformation” About Rafaela Plastira Ever Being Their Representative

The organization responsible for selecting Miss Greece for Miss Universe has come out publicly to make it even clearer

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Book Glorifying Arch Terrorist Spotted at UNRWA’s Nuzha Preparatory Girls’ School

UNRA recently featured some of their educators, including one Mohammad Awwad of the UNRWA Nuzha Preparatory Girls’ School.

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Hamas Gets Their Panties in a Knot Over Australia’s Designation of Hizbullah as a Terror Organization

Hamas said it viewed “the decision as a surrender to the will of Zionism and a response to the pressure of the enemy entity.”

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