Arab mall in Gaza

Reuters Report on Gaza Coronavirus Predicament Does Not Blame Israel

This report does not seem to try to blame Israel. Rather, there are some facts presented I am pleasantly surprised to see from Reuters
muslim women

Another Telling Video From Haram al-Sharif (The Temple Mount)

Yesterday I posted video of Haram al-Sharif being desecrated by young Arabs kicking a ball. Today, I want to share with you another video.
gaza tweeters 5

Facebook Uncovers Palestinian Hacking Campaign

Facebook says it has disrupted a long-running cyberespionage campaign run by Palestinian intelligence featuring spies posing as journalists
end jew hatred

Oh Jewish ‘Social Justice Warriors’, Where Art Thou?

Where are the influential Jews (including celebrities) who have called for justice for George Floyd and an end to Asian hatred?

Temple Mount-Haram al-Sharif Desecration

I guess we owe our Muslim brothers and sisters an apology for allowing this kind of desecration to go on at their third holiest site
Gili Yalo

Gili Yalo: The Man Who Beat His Demons

Ethiopian music is hip in Israel, partly thanks to Ethiopian-born Gili Yalo, who with his family fled Ethiopia in 1984 to come home
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn May Face Libel Trial

Jeremy Corbyn may face a libel trial after the High Court cleared the way for Jewish blogger Richard Millett to proceed with a libel case
fake amnesty

Amnesty International Ripped For Racism

Amnesty International has a culture of white privilege with incidents of overt racism, according to a new report

Palestinian NASA Engineer Loay Elbasouni’s Problematic Past Social Media Posts

Loay Elbasouni, one of the lead NASA engineers behind the flying of a small helicopter on Mars, has posted some vile things in the past
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