Israellycool Retro Video: Roger Waters In a Nutshell

A look at Israellycool videos of old

Terror-Supporting Cafe Reems Implores Customers Not to Call the Cops on Looters

Terror-supporting cafe Reems has predictably entered the George Floyd fray...standing in solidarity with the "protesters" looting and setting fire to stores

Insanely Popular Singer Dua Lipa Shares Antisemitic Post

English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa shares a vile post to her 46.4 million followers

WATCH: Roger Waters Attacks Artists Playing in Israel as ‘Pricks’; Engages in Antisemitic Trope...

I'll save you having to endure the full 43 minutes (it is painful); I have distilled the the "best" bits

BDS Movement Makes It Clear It Wants Israel Destroyed

How much does the BDS movement want Israel destroyed?

The Nature of Israeli Training of US Police Officers

It should go without saying that Israel did not train police officers to murder a man in cold blood.

Palestinians Boycott Social Media of Israeli Ministry Providing Humanitarian Aid to Them

Palestinians have launched an online campaign to boycott the social media accounts of the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

WATCH: Israel-Haters Need to Stop Hijacking Other Causes!

Since I BBQ'd today ahead of the Jewish festival of Shavuot, I decided to speak about something really on my mind: the disgraceful response of the Israel-hating crowd to the murder of George Floyd

The Iranian Leaders Who Will Be Affected By Iranian Ban on Use of Israeli...

I am guessing they did not really think this one through - given many Iranian leaders, past and present, benefit from Israeli tech.


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