nazim ali

The Nazim Ali Hearing Part 1: Subversion of Justice?

The first in a series of posts about the GPhC determination against Nazim Ali, after his comments made at the Al Quds Day rally in 2017

Latest Libel: Israel Fired Rocket on Gazan Fishermen at Sea

Three palestinian Arab fishermen have been killed in an explosion off the coast of Gaza, and haters are blaming Israel.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite “Comedian” Harasses Jews

Abdullah aka Dulla Mulla is a Yemeni "comedian" content creator known for his Arab skits and pranks. He clearly dislikes Jews.
ifnotnow tweet

IfNotNow’s Latest Meme-rable Mess-Up

Where those crazy Israel-hating kids of IfNotNow try to use a meme to convey a message, but completely mess it up.


Chilling and Accurate Report on Gaza Honor Killings

Zenith magazine, a magazine focusing on the Arab and Islamic world, has published a piece entitled No Justice For Women Killed in Gaza
university of toronto event

University of Toronto Uses Images of Terrorists to Promote Event

UoT's Department of History is co-hosting an event, the poster for which contains a number of terrorists and those who support terrorism

+972 Mag’s Attempted Hit Job on Israel Falls Flat

Anti-Israel rag +972's story about a palestinian Arab student who was barred from receiving a vaccine does the opposite to what they intended

60 Minutes Australia Can’t Tell a Rabbit From a Rabbi (Updated)

60 Minutes Australia are pretty much libeling the entire Jewish community when they call this guy a "Rabbi."
sea turtle israel rescue

Israel Accuses Iran of Environmental Terrorism

Israel's Environmental Protection Minister has blamed one of the worst ecological disasters in Israel in decades on Iran
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