Sydney Criminal lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers Spread Anti-Israel Propaganda on Their Firm’s Website

Sydney Criminal Lawyers - "Australia’s Leading Criminal Defence & Traffic Law Firm" - offer their unsolicited opinions on Israel
bend the arc

Bending the Rules

Why is a local Jewish federation partnering with Bend the Arc, which has joined forces with the likes of James Zogby and Linda Sarsour?
media building

How I Know AP Knew They Were Sharing Their Offices With Hamas

Here is why I believe (AP are lying and absolutely knew Hamas was in the building, while putting their journalists at risk
roger waters ussa

Roger Waters: Palestinians Have a ‘Moral Obligation’ to Fire Rockets into Israel

In an interview about the current situation in Israel with RT news, antisemite Roger Waters has really bared his fangs

palestinian phone call

AP Rewards IDF’s Saving of Lives With a Spit in the Face

This is footage of a Gazan contractor of a 14-story building talking in Arabic to an Israeli army Intelligence officer

Punked! IDF Deceives Hamas Into Making Fatal Error

The IDF has reportedly tricked Hamas into thinking there would be a ground invasion so they would hide in tunnels, ripe for the picking off

WATCH: Which Side Are You On?

My first video in a while, which I have felt compelled to record after current events
village people

Anti-Israel Dumbass of the Day

The Mossad parody account on Twitter has tweeted one of the DMs it received
marc lamont hill

Marc Lamont Hill Criticizes Rhianna For Acknowledging Israeli Civilians Suffering

Antisemite and terror supporter Marc Lamont Hill cannot stand that singer Rhianna posted something balanced
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