WATCH: Rashida Tlaib’s Friend Abbas Hamideh Gets His Jew Hatred On

Remember Abbas Hamideh, the executive director and co-founder of extreme anti-Israel BDS group Al-Awda, who tweeted a photo of himself at Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s swearing-in ceremony?

Prominent NZ Muslim Leader Ahmed Bhamji Doubles Down on Antisemitic Mosque Massacre Accusation

Following the video of prominent NZ Muslim leader blaming the mosque massacres on Israel, the story has finally made it to the media

The Idiot’s Guide to Ceasefires

Hamas seems to have a hard time understanding the concept of a ceasefire

“Comedian” Owen Benjamin Continues His Unhinged Obsession With Jews

Less than a week after I posted about Owen Benjamin's video mocking the Holocaust, the"comedian" has well and truly shown he is a rabid Jew hater.

The Idiot’s Guide to Accidents

Like they did last time they fired rockets at Tel Aviv, Hamas is claiming towards rocket strike north of Tel Aviv was an accident.

Latest Libel: The Case of the Arresting Facebook Comment

Was a a 22-year-old palestinian woman arrested in Hebron over a Facebook comment?

Missiles Flying Over My Head This Morning

This was way to the north of me in areas I’ve never seen listed on my Red Alert missile warning app.

WATCH: Prominent Muslim Leader in New Zealand Blames Mosque Massacres on Israel

I don't think any were expecting a thank you, but surely not this from a prominent Muslim leader in New Zealand


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