A Reminder as to Lebanese “Apartheid”

My London has a report about the daughter of a “palestinian refugee” who was stopped from becoming a doctor in Lebanon

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Greece’s Miss Universe Org. Publicly Denounces “Misinformation” About Rafaela Plastira Ever Being Their Representative

The organization responsible for selecting Miss Greece for Miss Universe has come out publicly to make it even clearer

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Book Glorifying Arch Terrorist Spotted at UNRWA’s Nuzha Preparatory Girls’ School

UNRA recently featured some of their educators, including one Mohammad Awwad of the UNRWA Nuzha Preparatory Girls’ School.

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Hamas Gets Their Panties in a Knot Over Australia’s Designation of Hizbullah as a Terror Organization

Hamas said it viewed “the decision as a surrender to the will of Zionism and a response to the pressure of the enemy entity.”

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‘Fake’ Miss Greece Rafaela Plastira Keeps Up Pretense She Was The Real Deal

Despite being aware of the posts exposing her lie, Rafaela Plastira is still keeping up the pretense she was Greece’s representative…

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Hebrew Mistranslation Most Fowl

Either someone misspelled the word they were translating, or someone from PETA infiltrated the restaurant.

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Did Eli Yishai Really Say “Israel Belongs to the White Man”?

Haters on social media have for years been alleging that former Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said “Israel belongs to the White man.”…

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Antisemite Ali Abunimah Attacks ‘Ally’ Ariel Gold

For Jew-haters like the Abumination Ali Abunimah, blaming Israel is not enough. You need to actually applaud the murder of Jews…

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Haters Claim Another Fake ‘Beautiful’ BDS Victory

Yet another fake victory surrounding a contestant boycotting the contest – Miss Barbados, who withdrew due to Covid restrictions…

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Ridiculous Anti-Israel Propaganda: Big Bad Horse Edition

Anti-Israel propaganda Facebook page the Palestinian Information Center posted this photo and caption today

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Disturbed’s David Draiman: I Am Coming to Light a Candle at Site of Hamas Terror Attack

My friend David Draiman, who also happens to be frontman for the band Disturbed, has announced on Facebook that he will be coming to Israel….

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Haters Applaud ‘Miss Greece’ Rafaela Plastira For Boycotting Miss Universe. Miss Greece Organization Denies She Was Ever Their Representative!

After a number of lies regarding other contestants supposedly boycotting Miss Universe, the haters seem to have finally got their woman…

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