Camel, Saw and Conquered


As if we don’t have enough problems over here with terrorist attacks and a severely depressed economy, we now have a new enemy…camels!

Israel is lighting up its camels in an effort to prevent fatal collisions between the traditional ships of the desert and motorized ones, an official said Wednesday. Police are sticking phosphorescent safety strips on the camels of the Negev desert to make them more visible to drivers, after a growing number of nighttime crashes in which people and camels have died. “The camel safety problem is a serious one here,” said Yossi Golan, a police commander in the eastern Negev. Camel-related traffic accidents have killed 10 people and seriously injured more than 50 in the past two years, he said.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: On the subject of traffic accidents, if you are the crazed driver who tried to cut me off on the Ayalon yesterday, and then proceeded to follow me all of the way to Tzomet Shimson where you threatened me because I invoked my right to honk my horn at you, thank your lucky stars that you didn’t kill yourself and alot of other people with your stupendous driving.

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