Hudna Shenanigans


Is there anyone who couldn’t see this coming?

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is taking advantage of a three-month ceasefire to build more than 1,000 Kassam rockets capable of striking Israel from the Gaza Strip, a senior Israeli Defense Forces officer told reporters yesterday.

Hamas is building up its arsenal during the cessation in hostilities – known as a “hudna” – to change the balance of power if fighting resumes, the officer said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

An IDF brigade commander said his colleagues fear “the opening of the next phase in the conflict will be much more violent.”

Why isn’t the Palestinian Authority doing anything to dismantle these groups? They are either powerless to stop them, or actually assisting them. Either way, it means the Road Map is doomed to failure. In the meantime, to quote the movie Pulp Fiction, Israel should be getting “medieval” on these terrorists.

UPDATE: Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that he will not crack down on Palestinian militant groups (read: terrorists), despite being urged by America and Israel to do so.

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