Playing the Blame Game

Whenever a pro-palestinian person argues with me, they always bring up the point that palestinians are living in diabolical conditions. “Surely you cannot argue with this!” they tell me. Perhaps to their surprise, I actually agree with them. However, we disagree on where the blame lies. I believe that the palestinian’s suffering ultimately lies at the feet of the palestinians themselves, as well as the Arab world.

How so?

For a start, unemployment is a major problem in the palestinian areas. Israel has traditionally provided a large number of jobs to palestinians, but this has been difficult in the midst of the terror wave that has gripped Israel in the last few years. Do you notice how after the palestinians blow up innocent Israelis, Israel rightly restricts palestinian entry into Israel, followed by palestinian complaints about not being able to make a living because of closures and road blocks? The palestinians just trying to make a living suffer because of the acts of their radical brothers and sisters, some of whom actually have jobs in Israel! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Another reason for the palestinian’s dire predicament is their exploitation at the hands of their wealthy brothers and sisters in the Arab world. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that there are still refugee camps filled with palestinians, even though Israel was established in 1948 and there are many wealthy Arab countries in which these palestinians could be settled? It isn’t too odd when you realize that the palestinians are being used as a weapon against Israel. The existence of refugee camps breeds support for the palestinian “cause” (not to mention terrorists). Arguing for the “right of return” has added poignancy when you can point to poverty-stricken refugee camps. In contrast, Israel does everything to help out Jews around the world, and settle them in Israel, even though there is limited space and the economy has gone to the dogs. Israel is now home to Jews from diverse places such as the former Soviet Union, Yemen, Ethiopia and, more recently, Iraq, thanks to its policy of not turning a blind eye to the suffering of its people, wherever they may be.

A further reason is the funnelling of money, earmarked to alleviate palestinian suffering, to the coffers of terrorists and corrupt palestinian officials, including Nobel prize winner Arafat. I am sure Suha is cognizant of the palestinian’s suffering when she buys her Gucci shoes in the Champs-Elysees.

I challenge any pro-palestinian to refute these claims with facts.

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