Cosmo Peres


But the similarities between Shimon Peres and Kramer do not end there.

Kramer Peres
Tries to solve the world’s problems by inventing a bladder system for storing oil in tankers Tries to solve the world’s problems by trying to appease Israel’s enemies
Once celebrated Festivus Recently celebrated his 8oth birthday
Is nuts Thinks that Jerusalem should be made capital of the world, with the UN Secretary-General as mayor, and that Arafat deserved his Nobel peace prize
Is friends with a fat guy called Newman Is friends with a fat guy called Sharon
Women find him irresistable Kathleen Turner called him “the sexiest man alive”
Is scared of clowns Is a clown
Was part of a show that quit while it was ahead Should have quit while he was ahead
Overstays his welcome Has overstayed his welcome

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