Demolitions by Remote


USA Today reports how Israel stands to use remote controlled bulldozers to demolish the houses of terrorists.

The giant Caterpillar bulldozer, used by the Israeli military to destroy Palestinian homes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, now comes with a controversial new feature: remote control.
Israel says its remote-control technology will lower risks to soldiers.

And proof that it is a good idea? The palestinians are already crying about it!

But Palestinian Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat warned the unmanned machines would lead to even more Palestinian deaths. “The whole idea is despicable,” he said. “If an unmanned bulldozer is used, human life is in much greater danger,” Erekat said.

I guess Erakat does not include Israeli bulldozer drivers in his definition of human life, but does include morons who are repeatedly warned to get out of the way, yet remain standing in front of a moving bulldozer (otherwise known as the “Corrie” manoever).

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