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I just stumbled upon this editorial by Gilad Skolnick entitled Israel: cruel and racist.

Israel is a cruel and wicked discriminating racist dictatorship. Such a disgusting fowl country exists nowhere else, and it’s a shame that the international community does not take a stronger stance against this terrible excuse for a nation. There will always be ignorant people who support Israel no matter what it does, either because they’ve been told that they should support it or because of the biased news, but the most intelligent people know the truth.

Now I know that those Israel supporters like to rant and rave that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where all of its citizens including Arabs can vote for the country’s parliament and prime minister. They shout out that the only country in the Middle East where every citizen, no matter what their nationality, is allowed a fair and open trial and to be protected by a lawyer is Israel, but they are neglecting the fact that Israel is a cruel country.

Sometimes, those fanatic Israel supporters go off on how Israel is the only country in the Middle East where members of parliament can be openly gay, where there are annual guy pride parades in the nations two largest cities, and that it’s the only country in the Middle East where men and women can be openly gay – even in the army. Even though the U.S. has a “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy” in place, Israel is nevertheless an oppressive state. An Egyptian court sent 23 men to jail for one to five years on charges including “practicing sexual immorality,” a local euphemism for homosexuality, a bit over a year ago, but just because Israel is a little more flexible with letting people decide their sexual preferences doesn’t make it a nicer country.

What irks me most is when Israel goes about killing Palestinians. Just last week a few Palestinians were peacefully firing rockets into Israeli towns, and out of nowhere Israel sends warplanes to fire back, killing them. What nerve! What right does Israel have to violate their sovereignty and kill them? Since when was Israel allowed to defend itself? There must be some sort of U.N. resolution against that. I just hope that the international community condemns Israel.

In fact, there is no place on Earth where suicide bombers are more discriminated against than Israel. They are routinely shot at, imprisoned, and often even wrestled to the ground when they try to get a bite to eat at restaurants. Only an oppressive country like Israel would want to deny Palestinian suicide bombers their wishes to go to heaven.

Sure, you can cry that Syria murdered 20,000 of its own citizens in 1982 and that Jordan killed 3,000 Palestinians in 1971 when they rioted, but nevertheless, Israel has been killing innocent civilians who have done nothing more than try to murder Israeli citizens. Then Israel goes about building a fence between it and the West Bank, making it far more difficult for suicide bombers to hang out in Israel. If that’s not racist, then what is? Imagine if the U.S. built a fence between it and Mexico. It would never get away with that, and neither should Israel.

The worst thing that Israel has brought to us is AIM though. About seven years ago the instant messaging technology ICQ was invented in Israel. This has caused countless people to burn valuable hours of their day in front of the computer screen, all wasted potential studying time. Moreover, the firewall was invented, denying people from the fun and thrill of hacking other people’s computers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, hundreds of thousands of women have been victims of the pain caused by the Epilady, a hand held hair removing device invented in Israel. Show that you will not support a racist state, and urge for the end of the use of the medicine that fights multiple sclerosis: don’t let Given Imaging import their new camera-in-a-pill that people can swallow, which is the only way to record the functioning of the small intestines. And definitely don’t take that new West Nile virus vaccine, all of which were Israeli inventions in the last decade. Here and there, you can squeeze out something small and positive that has come out of Israel, but on the whole, the harm that has been caused is immeasurable.

Perhaps you could cite that in the 1960’s, drip irrigation was invented in Israel, which allows modern day agriculture in sandy soil, and of which all greenhouse technology is based on, but other than that I can’t think of much. The filthy hamster was another product of Israel, as all hamsters can trace their roots to the first colony of golden hamsters that was bred in Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Since then, guinea pigs have had a hard time making it to peoples homes, being preferred over the more travel size rodent.

Worst of all, cherry tomatoes used to die too quickly to make it to the stores, but once Israel managed to develop a strain that kept the fruit from dying before they were distributed across the globe, traditional tomato farmers began having a difficult time. Now thanks to Israel, Roma tomato growers are having a hard time competing for the treasured salad eating market. Is such a country that has committed so many wrongs worthy of U.S. support? It’s time people realized the truth about Israel. I urge you all to be intelligent. Don’t eat cherry tomatoes or play with hamsters.

Well said.

David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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