Ashrawi Lashes Out


PLO Arab Hanan Ashrawi has reacted to criticism against her selection as the recipient of this year’s Sydney Peace Prize by implying that she has faced more hatred in Australia than in Israel.

“I was amazed at the degree of, not just negative response, but a certain degree of hatred, which I don’t find even with my discussion with Israelis,” she said.

“I felt that the further away people are from the situation and the conflict the more licence they give themselves to distort and to interfere negatively. I don’t know why feelings are so high here.”

Apparently, criticizing her selection reflects hatred, rather than a legitimate, well informed opinion. Here are some reasons why I am personally against her selection as the recipient of a “peace” prize:

(1) She is clearly against the peace process, as her words at the so-called World Conference Against Racism indicate:

“The so-called generous offer of Barak has been exposed for the sham that it is an occupiers version of whats good for the natives, based only on whats good for Israel, thus ensuring further conflict and instability rather than cementing a fair and durable solution. Having been historically the victims of war and conflict, we found ourselves the victims of a flawed and unjust peace process.”

(2) Like all PLO Arab leaders, she does not reject terror on moral grounds, but only when it is not politically effective.

(3) I further concur with the reasons expressed in the Protest Sydney Peace Prize to Hanan Ashrawi Petition.

By the way, there is also a Support Sydney Peace Prize to Dr Hanan Ashrawi. At last count:
– Number of Protest Ashrawi petition signatories = 23,496
– Number of Support Ashrawi petition signatories = 8,381

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