Those Damn Zionists


Those Pesky Jews are at it again. Not content with trying to taking over the real world, they have now set their sights on taking over the matrix world.

The most apparent Zionist hint in the movie, according to the article, is the city of Zion – the city which Morpheus, a ‘goodie,’ strives to reach. “This is the last city for humanity…the one place left for us on Earth,” says Morpheus, played by renowned actor Lawrence Fishburne. The article claims Zion is in fact Mount Zion – the Temple Mount, the Jewish people, the Temple of God.

The character of the Chosen One – Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, resembles the religious Messiah, according to the article.

Hamas says Hollywood film-makers generally reflect the political mood of the United States. “Hollywood films are now turning to the extreme right, and are orchestrated by Messianic-Zionist circles in Washington.”

“Zion represents the Promised Land, Morpheus represents John the Baptist, Neo is the Messiah and Nebuchadnezzar [Morpheus’s vehicle] is made by the United States,” the magazine says.

I suppose that is why he is called Neo to begin with; short for “neoconservative”.

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