Reactions to Saudi Bombing


It is interesting to see how Muslim nations and organizations have reacted to the suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia. Here are some examples:

Arab League: Condemned “these criminal terrorist acts which aim only at shaking the stability, planning evil, scaring and killing innocent people with disregard to any religion or belief and without any respect to the holy month of Ramadan.”

Gulf Cooperation Council: Condemned “the cowardly act that targeted innocent civilian lives…members states of the GCC reject terrorist acts in all their forms and origins.”

Iran: “Killing of innocent women and children in the fasting month of Ramadan runs counter to the Islamic values and the human ethics…The secretary-general expresses full support of the Arab League to the people and the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its efforts to combat this evil terrorism which is only based on ill and wrong ideas that have no connection with the true beliefs of the real Islamic religion.”
Yemen: Condemned the “criminal attacks” as “inhumane” and against Islamic values.

Pakistan: “These attacks show that no country in the world is safe from the dark designs of terrorism…Pakistan underlines the need for continued fight against terrorism until this menace is eliminated.”


And to think that if the attack had occurred a few countries over, these same countries and organizations would either be endorsing it through their silence, or hailing it as a “resistance operation.”

Update: This quote sums up the Arab position.

“Of course they are terrorists,” said Samer, manager of a Damascus electronics shop. “They were targeting residents, Arabs and Muslims.”

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