Killing the Infidels


I don’t know about you, but it struck me as odd that al Qaeda would deliberately target Muslims in its terror campaign. But according to Debka, Muslims were indeed not targeted:

Al Qaeda’s targeting of Muhaya and its Arab population at first puzzled Saudi and foreign counter-terror authorities – until it was realized that many of the casualties were Lebanese Christians and the assailants Lebanese Muslims. The terrorist network had very pointedly opted to sow death inside a focus of Christian habitation in the Muslim kingdom on the Muslim feast of Ramadan.

That makes sense. But why during Ramadan? of the heads of the authoritative Al Azhar university of Cairo issued a new fatwa stating that those fighting the holy war, the jihad, are permitted to break the sacred fast of Ramadan and eat during the day. This edict sanctifies Islamic suicide terrorism and raises it to a degree of holiness above that of Ramadan.

Debka also reveals the orgins of the perpetrators:

Pointers to a Lebanese hit-team accumulated in the hands of Saudi intelligence and American counter-terror agencies in the Middle East 48 hours before the suicide bombers struck the Riyadh compound. The group was reported to be made up of al Qaeda operatives, Lebanese nationals and their Palestinian recruits.

I always find it interesting when the Left claim that the PLO Arabs are merely resisting occupation by Israel. My contention is, and always has been, that the PLO Arabs oppose Israel’s existence or more accurately the existence of a Jewish state. The fact that these PLO Arabs are fighting with al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia (not to mention Iraq and other countries) reinforces my view. How? Well, you have to ask yourselves what connection is there between perpetrating a bombing in Saudi Arabia and resisting occu[ation in “Palestine.” None of course. Now ask yourselves what connection is there between the Saudi bombing and trying to eliminate the Jewish state? Answer: They are both part of a global terror campaign waged against non-Muslims in a bid to impose Islam on the countries of the world. As Debka itself mentions:

The same mind-set is behind the terror alert declared in Sudan Monday, November 10. Here, the Al Qaeda poses a threat not only to US diplomatic missions but to the peace talks between the Muslim government and the Christian rebels of the south. Notices appearing of late on al Qaeda-linked Websites call specifically for all possible action to abort Sudan’s conversion from “an Arab-Muslim state to a country ruled by Christians.”

Israel is extremely disturbed by the effective teaming up of Lebanon-based al Qaeda operatives with local cells in Saudi Arabia for suicide strikes against non-Muslim targets in the Middle East. Bin Laden’s banner declares war “Crusaders (Christians) and Jews.”

George Bush and Tony Blair have tried to distance themselves from the view that what we are currently seeing in the world is a “clash of civilizations.” But in my opinion, that is exactly what we are seeing.

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