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There have been a number of voices in the blogosphere expressing their displeasure at criticism of Israel and Jews constituting anti-Semitism. While I do not have a problem with people expressing views that differ from my own, I am increasingly disturbed by some of these views since they seem to be emanating from bloggers whose own opinions border on anti-Semitic.

You will recall Australian blogger Neil Cook. After claiming to be objective, he ended his post with an implication that all Israelis want to commit genocide against the PLO Arabs. When quizzed about this, his reply was:

“I had heard and read of genocidal, anti-palestinian comments the likes to which I infer coming out of the Israeli authorities. I dare say others have as well.”

Despite this being false (I have not heard of one Israeli authority espousing such views, and I live here), Neil did not see it fit to mention the numerous genocidal comments emanating from the PLO Arab side. It is this lack of even-handedness that is certainly indicative of prejudice against Israel. The question then becomes “why?”, and only Neil knows the answer to this.

However, there is an Australian blogger by the name of Michael Talismann who displays far more malignant views, and whose anti-Semitism is not in question.

Talismann seems to think that he is not an anti-Semite.

..for those of you “out there” that think anyone (myself included that criticizes Israel and/or Jews/Judaism *must* by definition, be an anti-Semite. I can be as anti-Israel and Anti-Judaism as I like, and not be a “Jew-Hater” or whatever.

Eloquent he isn’t. Jew-hater he certainly is.

For a start, although he claims to disagree with all the major religions, he admits that Judaism, in particular, draws his ire.

However, Judaism draws my special attention/venom because it is a faith/ideology/race/business that is devotedly anti-Humanist and anti-Universalist. It belongs back in the Iron Age someplace, where adherence to the tribe was everything. The world has moved on, and shit, if the Catholics can make some changes, so should the International Israelite Corporation. I will be happy to provide the relevant source details, in full, to anyone that might require them.

This passage is very revealing. While claiming to oppose Judaism’s anti-humanist stance (which is not the case, and I invite anyone who disagrees to provide their sources and I will refute them), he states that Judaism is a “business” and calls it the “International Israelite Corporation” (a clear allusion to the anti-Semitic stereotype of the Jewish businessman).

Talismann further reveals his hand when he quotes noted anti-Semite Israel Shahak. He even goes so far as to provide the same sort of talmudic “evidence” of Jewish prejudice against non-Jews that most neo-nazi organizations have done in the past. (He has clearly lifted them from another source, probably a neo-nazi website) Yet somehow he is deluded into thinking that this is not anti-Semitism.

Other examples from his blog include:

– Calling a French Rabbi’s words (cautioning against Jews wearing yarmulkes in public so as to avoid being savagely attacked) “officially-sanctioned bleating from a Tribal Elder.”

– Inclusion of a “Hebrew Wisdom” quote of the day by various secular Jewish authors critical of Jews.

Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the blogosphere.

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