My Two Cents on Michael Jackson


1. Michael is 100% guilty of being the weirdest person alive. Assuming that really is Michael we see, and not some replacement Michael created by aliens that abducted the real Michael in the early 80s.

2. On the Martin Bashir documentary shown on Israeli television last night, Michael insisted he was telling the truth when he said that he has only ever had plastic surgery on his nose a couple of times. It is therefore my view that Michael lies.

3. Given that Michael lies, there is a strong chance that when he claims he only gave kids cookies and milk, he did in fact give them wine.

4. I doubt the child making the accusations is lying to try and extort money from Michael, since apparently Michael has been very generous with the boy.

5. What is the deal with Shmuley Boteach? I saw him on Fox as “Michael Jackson’s former spiritual advisor.” He craves the spotlight so much that he is one step away from having some very un-kosher sex with the camera.

6. Has anyone else noticed that Michael now looks like he did in the Thriller video?


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