Bigot in the Blogosphere Part 2: Attack of the Bigot


My post “Bigot in the Blogosphere” has attracted the attention of the “bigot” himself, who has graced this blog with his comments.

For an insight into his sophisticated use of the English language and ‘compelling’ argument, see here and here.

I seem to have offended Talismann since I did not alert him as to my post. Apparently, it is ignoble of me to have not afforded him the opportunity to respond to my criticisms. Yes, you heard it. I am being lectured in chivalry by someone who finds it perfectly reasonable to defame a person’s religion, way of life, race and country (not to mention my sister).

I do not intend on getting in to a drawn-out discussion with Talismann since there is absolutely no point. This will no doubt irk him, but as they say in Australia – “tough.” In my opinion, he has shown what he thinks of Jews and Judaism, and will not change his mind. My replies will not influence him to change his ways. They will just encourage him to launch into further tirades. Hatred is stronger than fact and logic.

Furthermore, I will leave his comments on this site, despite their offensive nature. They further vindicate my contention that anti-Zionism is, in many cases, a veneer for anti-Semitism.

This is my blog. Judaism is not on trial here. Bigots like Talismann are. I need not defend my faith here. I need only celebrate it, revel in it and display my pride for it.

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