A Brief Word from Our Founder..


It should have been a tough decision but it wasn’t. I have decided to ban a certain individual from commenting on this site, since he is only interested in abusing Jews and provoking responses. Since the IP address ban isn’t doing the trick, I am manually deleting his comments. I am nevertheless leaving some of his comments on the site as a reminder of the type of venom sprouted by anti-Semites.

But no need to worry about “freedom of speech” being the loser in all of this. If you have intelligent comments to make about anything on this site, I will graciously publish them and respond. And disagreeing with me is certainly not a crime – in fact, it makes the discussions more interesting!

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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.