More ISM Deception


It is bad enough that they obstruct the IDF and aid terrorists.

It is even worse when they get into the country for free, on a program designed to provide young Jews with an educational trip to Israel.

Birthright israel’s free trips to the country paid for by Jewish philanthropists eager to foster ties to Israel and Judaism don’t only provide safe passage to fervent Zionists.

The program has also attracted members of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement who fit the requirements for participation: They are Jewish, 18 to 26, and have never been on an organized tour of the country.

The ISM are so used to lying, that they cannot even get their story straight for the benefit of the media. One ISM spokesman claims that there is no intention on the part of the ISM to use Birthright as a vehicle for bringing members into Israel.

“ISM doesn’t intend to use any existing program as a vehicle to bring people to the country,” said group spokesman Ghassan Andoni, adding that ISM members who take advantage of birthright israel or advocate doing so act as individuals.

But self-hating Jew and ISM co-founder Adam Shapiro contradicts this in the very same article.

“It’s a free ticket,” explained ISM cofounder Adam Shapiro, who informed student activists at November’s Palestine Solidarity Movement conference at Ohio State University of the birthright trips.

Of course, it is not hard to see that they are exploiting the Birthright program, especially when considering that they implore prospective ISMers to enter Israel using deception.

There are three ways to come to Palestine — via the Ben Gurion airport – Tel Aviv, via Amman, Jordan or via Egypt. Many people are afraid to come via Tel Aviv because Palestinian sympathizers are being denied entry into the country. We believe that it’s less suspicious if you come through Israel but you have to have a really good story about why you are coming, and must not mention anything about ISM or knowing, liking or planning to visit Palestinians. You must play it as though your visit is for other, Israel-based reasons, like tourism, religion, visiting an Israeli friend, etc. So do a little bit of research and put together a story that you’ll be able to answer questions about. For example, if you say you are visiting a friend in Jerusalem, you should have the name and phone number of a real Israeli person. If you are coming for religious purposes, have a book or two on religion and travel in Israel; have an itinerary, etc.

Update: Charles says almost the same thing.

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