JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blog) Awards – Important Updates

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New Category Added


As you can imagine, I am trying to run a pretty tight ship when it comes to these JIB Awards (ship..jib..get it? – ed.). Since these are the inaugurual awards, I am, to a large extent, learning as I go along, while still trying to be as organized as possible. ‘Situations’ arise, and I attempt to deal with them as best as possible.


One potential ‘situation’ has arisen, which I have had to deal with. The issue is as follows: the main purpose of these awards is to promote Jewish, Israel, and Israel advocacy blogs. As a result, we have a situation whereby ‘mega’ blogs have been nominated alongside many smaller blogs, in terms of readership and popularity. This may create a “one-horse race” in the voting. The main ‘mega’ blog, LGF, is not a Jewish nor Israeli blog, so some believe it should not be eligible for the Best Overall Blog category.


However, given the aim of these awards, Israel advocacy blogs are eligible. To exclude them just because they have a great chance of winning would be unfair, in my opinion. Especially considering the unbelievable job blogs like LGF are doing in spreading the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict. At the same time, I see that most of you are taking the competition element of these awards very seriously, and want it to be exciting.


After much deliberation, and with some wise counsel from my wife, and David Bogner, amongst others, I have decided to do the following:


1. Split the Best Overall Blog category into the following two categories:

  • Best Overall Blog – receives less than 105,000 unique visitors a day
  • Best Overall ‘Mega’ Blog – receives 105,000 or more unique visits a day
  • These figures should be verifiable from the Truth Laid Bear traffic ranking, or other stats counters.


    I know some of you will want to raise this limit, but I have given it much thought already.


    2. For each category, award Gold (the winner), Silver, and Bronze placings.


    I believe that this is a fair solution, and in the spirit of the aims of these awards.


    So here is the new list of categories:



    Nominations close Sunday 16th January, 9:00am Israel time.




    A huge thank you to Zahava Bogner for designing the logos for the JIB Awards. This is just an example of her amazing graphical work.


    Here is the logo to place on your site to promote the awards (white background and plain versions):




    And here is the logo to place on your site if you have been nominated (white background and plain versions):




    These logos have been embedded with the following link to the 2004 JIB Awards Main Page. I recommend that you also link to this page.

    Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until the next JIB Awards Update


  • New Category
  • Logos
  • 7 thoughts on “JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blog) Awards – Important Updates”

    1. Kol HaKavod to Zahava for the awesome JIB Awards graphic design!!

      … and of course Kapayim to Dave for these exciting awards

    2. A suggestion: It might be really helpful if someone includes instructions on how to embed this logo into one’s sidebar, especially in Blogger, which many nominees use.

    3. Once all of the nominees have been compiled, how will voting happen? Will there be an online ballot, or will you accept votes via email?

    4. Nice logos, and a good call on splitting things, although I didn’t mind either way. There’s certainly no dishonor to losing to LGF, and having thousands of people come by and see you on a short list (relatively) with him can’t hurt for exposure, either.

      Anyway, this should be a win for everyone nominated.

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