JIB Awards – ‘Finals’ Polls to Open Tomorrow Are Now Open

Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until the JIB Awards polls have closed 
I have already set up the ‘finals’ polls for the JIB Awards.
The polls for the final round of voting are now open.
All of the finalists can be viewed by clicking here.
Alternatively, you can view the finalists for each of the categories by clicking on the corresponding category link:
I will be opening the polls Polls will be open from Monday morning until Sunday morning (Israel time). Everyone can vote only once for the duration of the awards.
If you are a finalist, you can add this icon to your site, and link it to the JIB Awards main page or the voting main page.
You may also want to publicize that the finals begin tomorrow.
Finally, if you are a potential voter, please have a look at all of the finalists by clicking on the link to their blog. You may just find a very interesting new read.

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