JIB Awards – ‘Finals’ Polls to Open Tomorrow Are Now Open

Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until the JIB Awards polls have closed 


I have already set up the ‘finals’ polls for the JIB Awards.


The polls for the final round of voting are now open.


All of the finalists can be viewed by clicking here.


Alternatively, you can view the finalists for each of the categories by clicking on the corresponding category link:



I will be opening the polls Polls will be open from Monday morning until Sunday morning (Israel time). Everyone can vote only once for the duration of the awards.


If you are a finalist, you can add this icon to your site, and link it to the JIB Awards main page or the voting main page.


You may also want to publicize that the finals begin tomorrow.


Finally, if you are a potential voter, please have a look at all of the finalists by clicking on the link to their blog. You may just find a very interesting new read.

13 thoughts on “JIB Awards – ‘Finals’ Polls <s>to Open Tomorrow</s> Are Now Open”

  1. There are some nominees in some of those categories that were not in the running during the nominations – how did that happen?

    Also Powerline isn’t a Jewish blog. It has one Jewish author out of three and rarely posts on Jewish topics.

  2. Also I am curious what the guiding principle was for ordering the blogs in the list – it sure wasn’t alphabetical order.

  3. Please..I really dislike getting into this bickering over blogs’ validity. It just creates bad feelings, which is totally unnecessary frommy point of view.

    But just so that you know, Power Line has TWO Jewish authors. And it is very pro-Israel, so it is valid under two criteria.

    The order of the blogs is entirely RANDOM.

  4. Do something I can’t

    David is running the JIB awards and yours truly has been nominated for Best Designed Blog. Vote here – you can vote only once. Plenty of other good blogs to check out while you’re there….

  5. You didn’t address my point about blogs and categories added after the nominatons closed.



    Where is the category “Best Mega Blog” and where are Powerline and Winds of Change? These were added later. How were these nominations decided?

    I happen to like Powerline very much, likewise Winds of Change, which I have been reading since 2002. But no one nominated them for any awards by the same process the rest had to go through.

  6. Also, “Best Overall ‘Mega’ Blog”, then “Best Overall Blog”

    What is “Mega”? It’s never explained anywhere, so how do people judge it? This is needless proliferation of categories that mean the same thing, and it cheapens the results.

    Arbitrarily adding nominees and meaningless categories isn’t trivial.

  7. Yehudit,

    I have to refute your point. I clearly added the new category BEFORE nominations closed. And if you look at the nominations for Best Overall “Mega” Blog, you will see Power Line and Winds of Change.

    If you follow the reasons why I added the category, it was to address concerns from some people that perhaps the contest for Best Overall might devolve into a one or two horse race, if mega blogs were lumped together with the smaller ones. So I believe I did what was fair and in the interests of a more exciting contest.

  8. Yehudit,

    Not explained anywhere? Try in the category entry. And I quote:

    “A blog is eligible for this category if it is a Jewish, Israeli or Israel advocacy blog, and receives 10,000 or more unique visits a day (verifiable from Truth Laid Bear traffic ranking, or other stats counter)”

    Similarly, Best Overall Blog has a definition.

    There is nothing arbitrary about this. I am just sorry that you feel the need to not only criticize the awards, but do so based on your own misconceptions.

  9. David, you are still not acknowledging that between the nominating and the finals you arbitrarily added a whole category, and added entrees for it that nobody nominated.

    “”A blog is eligible for this category if it is a Jewish, Israeli or Israel advocacy blog, and receives 10,000 or more unique visits a day (verifiable from Truth Laid Bear traffic ranking, or other stats counter)””

    Powerline is one of my daily reads, I have the highest respect for them. And they are not a “a Jewish, Israeli or Israel advocacy blog.” They are pro-Israel, but they do not write about Israel very often. The problem is not only that you added a category, but that half the contestants (which you must have added yourself, since the category didn’t exist when we were nominating) don’t meet the qualifications.

    There are so many really good Jewish blogs, which were nominated, many of which I found out about for the first time. Why put them in the shade for some “mega-blogs” which are barely Jewish and don’t need the publicity?

    All the other categories make sense, but this one is just a crock. And your refusal to acknowledge that you added a category after nominations were closed, just taints the whole thing.

  10. I thoroughly reject your assertion that I arbitrarily added the category. In short, there were requests for it (some normal blogs did not want to go head-to-head with blogs like LGF), and I adapted to the circumstances. No-one complained after I added it; and I don’t understand why you feel the need to complain now of all times. What do you hope to achieve?

    In addition, why do you keep stating that I added a category after nominations CLOSED? I added it after the START of nominations, and before they closed. I provided the proof last time.

    Once again, you are missing the point of the awards. It is not just for PRO-ISRAEL blogs; but also those written by Jewish and Israeli bloggers. Are you suggesting 2 of the 3 Power Liners are not Jewish? Furthermore, who am I to say who is and who is not worthy of receiving publicity for their blog?

    I did not exclude any nominated blogs from the process (except one non-English one, and some which did not meet the criteria for their category, but were moved to other categories). They were all included in the prelim round. So no-one made way for the “mega” blogs. I think I was extremely fair in how I handled this; to the point that it doubled the amount of work I had to do to get these up and running, may I add.

    I really do not know why you are making a deal of this, since the inclusion of the megal blog category did not affect votes for you (and probably allowed you to reach the finals in some categories). Furthermore, it resulted in more publicity for the JIB Awards, and thus to all blogs involved. So I do not see why I should have to defend myself against your accusations, which are not only not true, but also reveal that you are taking these awards too seriously and not in the spirit in which they were intended.

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