Best of 2006: Top 10 Separated at Births


#10: French UNIFIL Soldier – Lara Croft (first posted September 11th)

#9: Fuad Saniora & Nabih Berri – Statler and Waldorf (first posted September 2nd)

#8: Palestinian Terrorist – Freddie Mercury (first posted May 21st)

#7: Harry Belafonte – Lobot (first posted January 9th)

#6: Sheikh Saad al-Abdulla al-Sabah – Richard Pryor (first posted January 24th)

#5: Old Palestinian Man – Farscape’s D’Argo (first posted May 13th)

#4: Protesting Muslims – Ewoks (first posted February 19th)

#3: Matt Dillon – Oscar (first posted February 14th)

#2: Palestinian Police – Chimney Sweeps (first posted June 20th)

#1: Palestinians – Lord of the Rings (first posted August 24th)

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