Best of 2006: Top 10 Separated at Births

#10: French UNIFIL Soldier – Lara Croft (first posted September 11th)

#9: Fuad Saniora & Nabih Berri – Statler and Waldorf (first posted September 2nd)

#8: Palestinian Terrorist – Freddie Mercury (first posted May 21st)

#7: Harry Belafonte – Lobot (first posted January 9th)

#6: Sheikh Saad al-Abdulla al-Sabah – Richard Pryor (first posted January 24th)

#5: Old Palestinian Man – Farscape’s D’Argo (first posted May 13th)

#4: Protesting Muslims – Ewoks (first posted February 19th)

#3: Matt Dillon – Oscar (first posted February 14th)

#2: Palestinian Police – Chimney Sweeps (first posted June 20th)

#1: Palestinians – Lord of the Rings (first posted August 24th)

6 thoughts on “Best of 2006: Top 10 Separated at Births”

  1. Some Funny Stuff…

    …going on over at IsraellyCool. First up, there’s a new fragrance on the market in Lebanon: A new perfume carrying the “scent of resistance” and celebrating Hizbullah’s “divine victory” has been released on the market in Lebanon, according to a…

  2. The Fwench ‘Warrior’

    Ooh la la! Don’t messez-vous with Fwench peacekeepers! They have Hezbollah really scared now!
    La UNIFIL!
    From Israellycool’s Top Ten Separated at Birth photo essay. Check out the link for more hilarious photos.
    A commenter, Billy, at Is…

  3. I liked’ em all. I thought the Palis covered in trees for desert camo was hilarious. Lesson: If you see bright green foliage moving in the desert – shoot it.

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