We Interrupt Our Normal Programming..


There are currently a number of posts and comments on a number of blogs accusing me of a number of things related to my past involvement with the Jewish and Israeli Blog (JIB) awards.

While I would love to ignore the comments and be the “bigger” person, the public nature of these comments is forcing me to respond, in order to clear my name.

1. Here is a past post detailing my reasons for starting these awards, as well as the reasons why I gave up my involvement.

I never started the awards for my own benefit, financial or otherwise. I truly saw the power of the internet, and its ability to do good. Being the idealistic fellow that I am, I was willing to volunteer much of my time towards this pursuit. Whether or not these awards achieved their stated purpose could be up for debate. But my motives are not.

I have never expected gratitude for doing this. Neither did I expect to be accused of – amongst other things – corruption, narcissism, lying, and posting on the Jewish Sabbath.

2. Here is a past post detailing why I asked Israel Forum to dissociate their awards from the JIBs. The decision had nothing to do with me “losing control” over the awards. I honestly do not want any control over these awards anymore. I am done with them. That is why I asked for volunteers to take over in the first place. Israel Forum was one such volunteer, but they morphed the awards into something which I felt did not serve the purposes for which they were created. Now there is a new group trying to organize the awards, and my involvement is solely restricted to rebutting the nasty allegations against me.

To those of you who feel the need to drag my name through the mud, pehaps you need reminding that this blog is not the work of some lifeless, unfeeling robot. Just like you, I am flesh and blood, with a life outside of this medium, and family and friends who read blogs and their comments. Your lies can do damage, and that is why I feel compelled to post on this.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I am glad…and sorry for boring the pants off you with this post.

If you do know what I am talking about, I’m sorry you’ve been exposed to the petty and malicious posts/comments on the subject…and sorry for boring the pants off you with this post.

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