Today’s Example of Mainstream Media Bias


Israeli forces kill 2 children in Gaza, screams out today’s AP headline.

You have to go down a few paragraphs to get a better perspective of what probably happened.

The Israeli army said ground forces fired at two Palestinians who were spotted near a rocket launcher in an area of northern Gaza where a rocket was fired into Israel earlier. An army statement said Palestinian rocket teams have been known to send young children to retrieve rocket launchers after firing.

“In light of the reports, it seems likely that this was the case here,” the army said.

It seems even more likely when considering how these children are educated. Just take a look at Farfur and Nahoul for recent examples.

Meanwhile, palestinian terrorists deliberately firing rockets at civilian targets, today hit a daycare center, which luckily happened to be vacant. A mere two lines right near the end of the AP report were devoted to this occurrence.

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