Reaching For The Stars


While palestinian first-graders are learning how to become martyrs, their Israeli counterparts are learning the regular things first-graders learn. You know…reading, writing…astrophysics and astronomy….

Pupils in Jerusalem’s Har Homa neighborhood can now aspire to reach the stars, thanks to a new curriculum from first grade that includes astrophysics, astronomy and space studies. It will be offered this year at the Ilan Ramon Elementary School, named for the late Israeli astronaut who died during the ill-fated Columbia space shuttle mission in 2003. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski will visit the children and the modern, well-equipped science labs when school opens next week.

The Jerusalem Municipality also announced that pupils in the 11th and 12th grades in state schools throughout the city will be sent to the Belmonte science labs on the Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus to focus on astrophysics, cosmology and space studies.

Well, how are we supposed to take over the world without advanced education?!

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