Israeli News Briefs – October 24th, 2007


Updated throughout the day

  • Following the escalation in the number of Qassams being fired at Israel in recent days, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is set to approve a list of civilian sanctions against the Gaza Strip, including cutting off the supply of fuel and the supply of electricity. Which is going to make it pretty hard for the next generation of martyrs kiddies to get their Nahoul fix.
  • Iran has reportedly signed a deal with China to buy two squadrons of J-10 fighter planes that are based on Israeli technology. How are we ever going to take over the world if we are this stupid?
  • Following in the footsteps of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Amnesty International have now also found that the palestinian terrorist organizations do not have the prevention of human rights abuses high on their agendas.
  • Israeli taxpayers are apparently paying for “Viagra and other anti-impotence drugs for some of the 578 Very Important Persons still entitled to generous free medical benefits.” I think they mean Very Impotent.
  • Meanwhile, all this taxpayer money spent on Viagra might just be having an impact on another type of erection.
  • In yet another sign that Israel is the root cause of the world’s terrorism, Bin Laden has called for jihad against Darfur peacekeepers. Damn Zionists.
  • The American government is planning to transfer $410 million to the PA. No word yet on whether or not receipt of that money is contingent on refraining from assassinating the Israeli Prime Minister.
  • A Hamas terrorist has died while digging a tunnel between the Gaza Strip and Israel. At least his family saved on the burial costs.
  • Number one with a bullet: The IDF have killed a terrorist who Ma’an News Agency refers to as the “number one resistance fighter.”

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