Unleash the Beast


Introducing our latest weapon: The Lionist.TM (Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon).

Israeli soldiers told the villagers of Al Fourdess village, located to the east of Bethlehem, in the southern part of the West Bank, that a Lioness had escaped from the settlement of Qedumem, built illegally on the village land.

The soldiers told the villagers to be alert since the lioness may attack the villagers or their homes.

Witnesses reported that a large number of Israeli soldiers were seen looking for the escaped lioness on Friday night but they didn’t tell the local villagers about the escape until Saturday.

The witnesses added that the soldiers used light flares during the night to illuminate the sky in their search for the animal.

Osamah, a resident of the village of Al Fourdess, told IMEMC that two days after the escape of the lioness from the Israeli settlement, a Palestinian shepherd from the village saw it approaching the town.

Palestinian villagers from Al Fourdess added that now they have to fear not only the settler and their violent attacks on the locals, but now they also have to fear the ferocious animals kept as pets by the Israeli settlers.

Where’s Nahoul the bee when you need him?

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