Fabio vs Clooney


I feel a celebrity death-match coming on.

fabio-clooney-finger.jpgGeorge Clooney got into a shoving match with fellow sex symbol Fabio at a Los Angeles eatery last week, it was reported Wednesday.

The altercation apparently happened because Clooney thought one of Fabio’s five female dinner guests was photographing him.

But a source told “Access Hollywood” Fabio approached Clooney’s table to explain he was having a charity dinner for the California Highway Patrol’s 11-99 Foundation and his guests were only taking photos of each other — not Clooney.

However, a photo obtained by the news magazine indicates one of Fabio’s guests did take a picture of Clooney flipping them the bird.

The source said Clooney and Fabio traded barbs, then had to be physically separated.

“The women and I were taking pictures of us together only,” Fabio told “Access Hollywood.” “The women were not taking pictures of George. Out of courtesy, I even went over to George’s table to explain that to him. I just feel badly that it ruined the night of these women who paid to support charity. I am thinking of something to make it up to them.” (I’m sure you are – Aussie Dave)

Fabio’s manager, Eric Ashenberg, said, “Clooney started on ‘ER’ and Fabio was going to send him back there.”

Touche. Although with all due respect to Fabio, he usually comes off second best when confronted with birds.

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