Trash Talking


Anti-Israel and anti-cyber-bullying campaigner Richard Silverstein on online harassment:

Tell me if you ever figure out what his [mine – Aussie Dave] real name is (I know it’s Dave L.). He likes to hide in semi anonymity on the web & I’d love to out his real name.


But it’s funny he would visit this site directly from extremetracking, his site stat program, & show his login ID (better change that Dave, you wouldn’t want us snooping around in yr account).

On respect:

I so detest this right-wing Arab-hating blogger, Aussie Dave, that I don’t want to give him the pleasure of visiting.

On honesty:

Second, I have edited portions of the most stupid of his comments because I just didn’t have the stomach to answer them (though I’ve only done this twice I think & only removed minor snippets).

Bonus: Silverstein repeating past slander:

Davey used to be a member of Pajamas Media which is a right wing blog aggregator featuring sites like Little Green Footballs, Solomonia, Pamy Geller, etc. Dave used to be a member till they winnowed out the chaff fr. the wheat & dumped him (but don’t tell him that–he CHOSE to leave don’t ya know). (I left voluntarily after not being happy with their direction – Aussie Dave)

All this and more on Silverstein’s Israel Palestine Forum (from which I was banned after Silverstein saw a visitor come via my stats program).

Tikkun Olam indeed.

Warning: reading the posts there may cause nausea.

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