Shire Network News Podcast joins the Army


This week my usual gig, Shire Network News, is hosted completely by Tom Paine, it’s original host. I’ve been too busy this week. I have to say that gives me the rare pleasure of listening to the show just for fun and I can safely say (because I’m not on it) that it sounds great this week.

If you’ve never listened, give it a go, you might find some of the things we talk about coincide with your interests as a reader of Israellycool.

Podcast joins the Army

Shire Network News, the Anglosphere’s premier anti-Jihadi podcast is back, and this week we take a uniquely personal look at how one person has decided to take action.

Reut Cohen, a previous guest on SNN, has decided she is joining the US Army, much to the shock of some of her friends. She speaks to us about the reasons for her decision, and the reactions she’s received – not all of them positive.

We’ll also hear from Meryl Yourish about a new theory of political discourse she’s come up with that seems to have something to do with Dennis Leary.

And Doug Payton shows us how to combat Global Warming by eating kangaroos. Or something. I wasn’t really paying attention, you know, being up on this roof scanning the horizon for the rescue choppers coming to carry me and the rest of the Secret Zionist Neo-Con agents of AmeriKKKan imperialist hegemony to safety in the wake of the Australian election result.

You DID remember to have Pacific Command send a carrier battle group to pick me up in case John Howard lost the election, didn’t you?

There’s also plenty of Blog News, featuring rioting Muslim extremists, Jihadi bombers, Chuck Norris guarding the US Mexican border and (shudder) Helen Thomas. Isn’t she dead yet?

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