Now That’s Rich

We always knew anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein was a nutcase. But he really outdoes himself in this latest post in which he once again goes after blogger Lisa Goldman, who has been nominated in this year’s Brass Crescent Awards.

As usual, the writing is verbose, so I’ll summarize the post for you if you can’t wade through it.

Don’t vote for Lisa Goldman in the Brass Crescent Awards because she is editor of the Global Voices Israel section which has featured right-wing anti-Palestinian blogger, Aussie Dave, and has not included wonderful blogs such as mine – oh, no wait, she has not contributed a post to GV in a year and may no longer be the Israel section editor. But I’ll continue with the diatribe anyway.

Actually, here’s a real quote from his post:

I also never understood why Tikun Olam, which regularly deals with the Israeli politics and society was rejected for the Israel section while other blogs are included though the blogger does not live in Israel (this is also true of other national sections). The Palestine and Lebanon GV editors have included links to my blog, but not the Israel editor. It’s a little strange if you ask me.

Because I’m a giver, I have offered Richard Silverstein the probable explanation: his posts are full of lies and distortions, and not particularly well written.

Note: In the comments to Silverstein’s masterpiece, Lisa claims I wrote to her to complain, when she was still writing the roundups about Israel, that she did not mention me frequently enough for my tastes. For the record, this is exactly what I wrote to her during the Lebanon War:

Hi Lisa,

Not even one mention on Global Voices?! Crikey, I have been spending all my free time on this, and have been interviewed by the BBC with more interviews to come (although Sky bumped me last night).

Oh, the disappointment! 🙂


This was a half tongue-in-cheek mail, which Lisa took in the right way, as indicated by her reply to it. So I was rather surprised by Lisa’s characterization of our correspondence (not to mention her silence in the face of yet another Silverstein accusation that I am anti-palestinian, considering I have defended Lisa on here on many occasions). But I’ll go easy on Lisa, since she probably has enough on her mind at the moment.

Lisa’s comment gave Silverstein the opportunity to take another potshot at me.

Why does that not surprise? God’s gift to the Israeli blog world would certainly believe he should be quoted everywhere at every time.

Which is ironic, considering this is exactly what Silverstein was arguing about his blog in the post.

Update: Silverworm responds, betraying further how desperate he is for attention.

Talk about lies & misinformation.  I’ve been interviewed & mentioned in a NY Times front page article.  That ever happen to you?  I’ve got a chapter in an essay collection coming out through Verso Books this fall.   Anyone ever ask you to write a book or even a chapter of a book?  No?   What a surprise.  It must be because a book editor see’s my writing style a bit differently than you do.  And btw, on what basis do you critique my writing style?  Do you have any expertise in the subject?  Ever take a writing course?  Ever edit a book, magazine or newspaper?  Ah, just as I thought.  Typical self-appointed know it all critic.  The kind the right produces so many of.

You got on TV and radio.  Whoa, way to go Dave!  I’ve done both already in my career as well.  Big deal.

So sorry to see your Alexa ranking is down to 544,000, Dave.  Don’t look know but we progressive Jewish bloggers are gaining on you.  In fact, we’re on the way up & have passed you & you’re on the way down I’m sorry to say.  Maybe it’s you who no one wants to read.

And if you’re talking about my alleged lies about your right-wing, anti-Palestinian views, I’m still waiting for that libel lawsuit, Dave.   I’ve got pretty good legal representation and we’ve defended ourselves pretty well against Rachel Neuwirth so far.

My work here is complete. I’ve wanted to get Silverworm to look as ridiculous as possible, and I’ve succeeded. Now if anyone reading this (or the comments on his blog) actually assign to him any credibility or intellectual abilities, I cannot help you.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media