Today’s Attack on Israel


unifil.jpgEarly this morning, Israel was once again attacked.

No, I don’t mean with words. I mean really attacked.

Two Katusha rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon, hitting the western Galilee town of Shlomi on Israel’s northern border. Luckily, there were no injuries, although one house was lightly damaged, as well as an electricity pole.

Israeli’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak detailed Israel’s response to this attack on our sovereignty.

“This is a serious and rare occurrence, but it will not lead us to alter the status quo,” said Barak.

The defense minister also noted that Israel “would study the circumstances surrounding this event, think things over and make decisions. We will do what we have to do.”

In other words, nothing.

And who was behind the attacks?

It was not yet clear which group fired the rockets, but the defense establishment was examining the possibility that they were fired as an attempt by Hizbullah or other terror groups in Lebanon to disrupt Wednesday’s visit of US President George W. Bush.

My money is on Hizbullah. Although, for all we know, it was Norman Finkelstein who launched the rocket, perhaps deriving inspiration from fellow Israel hater, the late Edward Said.

Update: My mistake. Israel has sprung into action – by filing a complaint with the UN. Yep, that should do it.

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