Britney in a Burqa?

From the Sun (UK):

SINGER Britney Spears will be ordered to cover her face with a veil and wear a full-length Islamic dress when she weds her British boyfriend, it was revealed last night.

She is planning marriage No3 to Muslim Adnan Ghalib, 35, who she hopes will help keep her on the straight and narrow so she can win back custody of her two sons.

But the only way Brummie cameraman Adnan’s strictly religious family will accept her is if she converts to the Islamic faith.

Astonishingly, party girl Brit, 26, is keen to do it – even though it will mean ditching the booze. The singer, famed for stepping out without her knickers, has even told friends she plans to wear a burka, or even a naqib, which leaves only the eyes visible.

One of her pals said: “She is really keen to do it.

“It would be a mark of respect to Adnan and his family, and it would give her the anonymity she’s craving.

“Adnan’s Muslim beliefs could be Britney’s saviour.”

Friends believe the couple had planned to tie the knot on a trip to Mexico last week, but put it on hold.

Her relationship with Adnan has stunned his parents, too. His mum Saghar teaches the Koran at home, while his dad Hussain attends the mosque daily.

Now, that would be a great reality show.

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Aussie Dave adds: No more of this, I guess (kissing a Jew-lover is forbidden).

Aussie Dave adds (again): Now I am really confused.

Britney Spears has told family and friends she intends to marry her paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib in a Scientology marriage ceremony.

The troubled singer, 26, phoned an aide with the news from a beach in Mexico, where she fled by private jet with Ghalib, 35, last week.

She is due to appear before a Los Angeles court tomorrow for the continuing battle over custody of her children.

A friend described her wedding plan as “hare-brained”, adding: “Brit blew a fuse again when she was told it would be an act of insanity to marry. Having a Scientology wedding is her way of giving her family a one-finger salute.”

Scientologists – its celebrity members include Tom Cruise and John Travolta – believe humans are descended from space aliens.

Update (Aussie Dave): More from Alarabiya:

The couple claim to be very much in love and the troubled star’s friends have reportedly said that she is so in love with him that she plans to marry him and convert to Islam, the UK’s News of The World (NOTW) reported.


Spears, who was previously believed to be part of the mystic Jewish faith Kabbalah, is said to be talking about plans to fake her own death and move to Pakistan with her new lover, according to The Sun newspaper.

Update (Aussie Dave): Even more proof that you can’t take any of this news too seriously (via Sandmonkey).


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