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I’m a little late posting the plug for the latest Shire Network News. It was a long show but might provide a little humorous diversion from the nonsense that is the Winograd Report. And how on earth did they manage to release it on a day of snow in Jerusalem?

Podcasts asks if Liberals are Fascist?

Jonah Goldberg is the guest on Shire Network News this week. His new book, Liberal Fascism, is causing a bit of a stir among liberals who don’t understand. Just don’t understand is how that sentence was meant to end. There is a whole blog about the books reception set up at the National Review.

You can buy his book from Amazon.com via the following link: Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning.

This week’s guest writer on Blog News is Right Wing Duck. You can sometimes find him on IMAO. Let us know what you think.

Also this week we once again hear from Evan Sayet who’s got Bill and Hilary in his sights again.

Meryl Yourish is giving her liberal perspective on Fascism.

Doug Payton is considering what sort of culture bans ever reference to pigs. And Cowboy builders. You can find background here.

This week’s Winston Churchill quote is from The Gathering Storm:

Fascism was the shadow or ugly child of Communism… As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism. Thus were set on foot those kindred movements which were destined soon to plunge the world into even more hideous strife, which none can say has ended with their destruction.

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