UNIFIL On the Job


Will someone please enlighten me as to what exactly UNIFIL are doing in southern Lebanon?

Hizbullah has raised its alertness in southern Lebanon to a “high level” following Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s threat to avenge Hizbullah commander Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination on Tuesday, which Nasrallah claimed Israel was responsible for.

According to the Lebanese newspaper, A-Saphir, Hizbullah has positioned roughly 50,000 “fighters” along the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Oh wait, never mind. I think I know the answer.

UNIFIL has reported to the UN of Israeli violations of the Lebanese territories, and has also sent a letter to Israel denouncing those violations, Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star reported Saturday.

According to the report, UNIFIL commander, Major General Claudio Graziano, said on Friday following a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, that his organization sent the UN a report outlining Israeli violations of Lebanese territories and airspace.

“UNIFIL has also sent a strong-worded letter to Israel denouncing violations,” Graziano told Siniora, according to the Daily Star.

“We discussed the situation in South Lebanon, in addition to bilateral ties with the Lebanese Army, and we informed the premier that everything was under control in the southern region,” the paper quoted Graziano as saying.

I feel so much safer now.

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