Barr-King Mad


Highly unstable celebrity Roseanne Barr, a known hater of Israel and conservatives, has launched a scathing attack on fellow celebrity Jon Voight – replete with anti-Semitic undertones.

jon voight

is a frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth. The neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons are the worst most elitist people on earth. glen beck and jon voight are their bitches… both of them are used tampons who must be flushed down the toilet immediately! jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more. (just sayin’).
Also miss jolie says she likes mccain too and hasn’t decided who to endorse….huh? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the african daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the republican party’s worldwide economic assault on africa over the last few decades since reagan? whaaaa…??????!!!! (for that matter, the thai and cambodian sons you are photo’d with weekly too who’s pictures you sell to raise money to help the poor? Their families are victims of America’s right wing military incursions too. Mccain wants to continue with the idea of war for profit…the americans are over that thinking now! They have drugged our troops and lower classes into supporting their oil business atrocities for long enough. We want to save not lose our souls thank you. Now go back to making your movies about women who love to handle big guns that shoot hundreds of people to death. Ps….it might be good for your asian and african children’s self esteem to know you support a brown man for the leader of the free world.)

For those who hadn’t realized it, neocons is a code word for Jews (update: yes, I know this is not always necessarily the case, but here, it is. The giveaway is Barr’s reference to “neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons.” Chabad is one of the largest Hasidic movements in Orthodox Judaism).

This rather inarticulate attack has gained the attention of the mainstream media. But instead of reporting it as an attack on Voight – as Barr’s post title even suggests – the majority of the mainstream media are reporting this as an attack on Voight’s daughter Angelina Jolie and her hubby Brad Pitt.

I’m guessing they are shifting the focus because it makes for a juicier story. Although the thought did cross my mind that the mainstream media would likely be sympathetic towards Barr for her attack on the conservative, pro-Israel Voight.

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