The Latest Insanity From Israel

Yeah, stare at those hands as long as you like. It won’t make the blood disappear.

Palestinian Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Ali (R), known as “Abu Ali Yatta,” who was jailed in 1979 for killing an Israeli settler who was studying at a religious school in the flashpoint West Bank town of Hebron, Said al-Attaba (L), 56, the longest serving Palestinian prisoner who had been serving a life sentence since 1977 for killing an Israeli woman, pay their respects at the tomb of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in the Muqata, the Palestinian Authority headquarters in the West Bank of Ramallah on August 25, 2008. Israel freed 198 Palestinian prisoners today in a gesture to president Mahmud Abbas as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was due in the region to spur US-backed peace talks (AFP).

These murderers are but two of the “prisoners” we freed today, as a “goodwill” gesture to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. And he reciprocated with a goodwill gesture of his own – a threat that unless all the “prisoners” are freed, there will be no peace.

Speaking of gestures, this one made by the released prisoners does not mean “peace.” It means “V for victory”, and is basically a promise that the terrorism will continue.

Real winner move there, Israel.

By the way, there are a number of photos like this and this showing the Free Gaza folk protesting for the release of more palestinian “prisoners.” No doubt including those who have maimed and murdered Israelis – and will do so again.

8 thoughts on “The Latest Insanity From Israel”

  1. no doubt these animals will kill again,just hope and pray,that if and when these swines will kill,it should not be some innocent jew,but it should be all these traitorous swines,in the israels cabinet who are responsible for their release

  2. Actually these people want to release 200 animals that tasted human blood before into their midst. Let them. And let’s call the result of it “God’s punishment”.

    While perhaps you’re right and it’s not a smart move on the part of Israel, it’s stupidity will be translated into palestinian blood. They will die for their stupidity. Jews will get some people making a “V” on their borders, totally unable to get even 1 meter closer to Israel.

  3. if there was any decency and shame in israel there would be thousands of people demanding the resignation of the fake president Olmert
    but israel is not a democracy, it’s a nation of sheeps, a burocracy that frees murderers and despises their victims
    The only good thing will be to see Tel Aviv snobs under fire like poor Sderot people
    A pair of kassam on Haaretz and Yehudon Ahanorot centers won’t make me cry

  4. What a disgrace. Israel is in dire need of strong leadership in order for it to survive. If this kind of pandering to the murderous savages continues Israel won’t survive

  5. Israeli leadership has blood on their hands – the blood of Jews who some time in the future will be killed by murders set free for what? For some illusory concept of being held in higher regard by people who hate us for incomprehensible reasons to begin with? Some of those who will be killed by these murders will be children. Anyone killed by them is inexcusable, but the knowledge that some of them will be children – that rips my guts out. The leaders are not putting Jews at risk by these ridiculous acts, they are killing them. They are no better than the terrorists who will, without mistake, eventually do the killing.

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