Palestinian Animal Blues

Ma’an News reports:

Customs seizes tons of expired animal therapy products in Hebron

Palestinian Authority (PA) customs officers said Friday that the department seized five tons of expired drugs and other medical supplies for animals in Hebron.

Commander Wael Anati told Ma’an that officers discovered the expired supplies after raiding the house of a “suspected veterinarian.”

“On the basis of the information that we have from intelligence we broke into the house of the suspected veterinarian and seized quantities of expired animal drugs and forged documents,” he said.

Anati also warned traders not to deal in expired products under penalty of jail terms, and for locals to exercise caution when buying products in the markets.

Which begs the question: what on earth are “animal therapy products?”

Don’t get me wrong. I can fully understand why animals in the PA areas would need therapy. I just didn’t know such products existed, and that there was such a market for them in Hebron.

The irony (?!) is more animals in the PA areas would likely require therapy now that they have to contend with expired therapy products and “suspected veterinarians.”

I guess you learn something new every day, especially from the palestinian news outlets.

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